VIDEO SPECIAL: National Geographic Pits Shark vs. Octopus

By  //  July 26, 2015

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OCTOPUS considered the most intelligent invertebrate

ABOVE VIDEO: Think you know the outcome when it’s shark versus octopus in an aquarium tank? Think again. (National Geographic Video) – The common octopus is considered the most intelligent invertebrate and is well known for its ability to escape some very powerful predators.

The octopus’s first talent is its ability to hide in plain sight. It can instantaneously change its skin tone to match the surroundings.

Octopuses can even change the texture of their skin! This allows them to match nearby rocks and coral.

Secondly, they can discharge a cloud of black ink which acts as a smoke screen to confuse attackers.

This ink physically harms potential predators by inhibiting their sense of smell and taste.

Finally, their ability to squeeze into impossibly small locations saves them from countless predators.