VIDEO: Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders’ Seattle Rally Shut Down By ‘Black Lives Matter’

By  //  August 9, 2015

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ABOVE VIDEO: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally in Seattle with an impressive turnout. However, that was short-lived as two members of ‘Black Lives Matter’ shut down the rally before Sen. Sanders could speak. (Huffingtonpost Video)

Sen. Bernie Sanders was only allowed to greet the crowd of thousands on Saturday, before protesters took over the stage and demanded they be allowed to speak, or that his rally “will be shut down,” according to one protester.

The protesters said the senator should be held “accountable” for not doing more to reform the criminal justice system and promote racial equality.

One organizer tried to calm down the protesters but to no avail. Sanders took a backseat to the rally as the protesters took over and made a speech of their own.  (See Video Below)

Meanwhile, as the crowd drew “Bernie” chants, the crowd became uneasy as the man they came to see and cheer for, was hijacked from his own rally.

(Rich Smith Image via Twitter)
(Rich Smith Image via Twitter)

ABOVE VIDEO: Bernie Sanders was in Seattle Saturday for a rally. At that time, several Black Lives Matter members took the stage and microphone to speak. The person speaking is Marrisa Johnson, a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle and the person on the right is Mara Jacqueline Willaford, both members of the Black Lives Matter movement. (Soaring Moments Video)