VIDEO: Good Samaritans Assist Sea Turtle With Plastic Straw Stuck In Nose

By  //  August 14, 2015

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6 million views IN one day on Facebook

This is why you should never throw your waste. Never.Poor turtle. She’s suffering so much. Thanks to the guys who removed this plastic straw.Share this please.

Posted by 1 million likes against Walter J Palmer on Thursday, August 13, 2015

ABOVE VIDEO: Check out this video that got more than 6 million views after one day on Facebook. The video shows why we should never throw trash into our environment, as the poor male Olive Ridley sea turtle suffered a lot, just because of a plastic straw. Fortunately, she’s fine now.

A group of marine biologists in Costa Rica discovered an endangered male Olive Ridley sea turtle with a 6-inch plastic straw lodged in its nostril. 

Christine Figgener, a field biologist with a research interest in conservation filmed the 8 minute-long extraction operation, which left the turtle bleeding and clearly wincing in pain.

Figgener explained the decision to remove it on the boat was not one that could have been avoided: “We were on the ocean a few hours away from the coast and several hours away from any vet and x-ray machines. Plus, we would have incured a penalty on ourselves by removing the turtle since that is beyond our resarch permits.”

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