VIDEO: Pod of Dolphins Swim With Local Boaters Off Cape Canaveral Coast

By  //  August 13, 2015

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ABOVE VIDEO: Local resident, Suzanne Mora, experiences a pod of bottlenose dolphins swimming along side their boat off the coast of Cape Canaveral. Note: Forward to 2:00 to get to the action. (Suzanne Mora Video)

BREVARD COUNTY • CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – Dolphins are known to be intelligent and playful animals, often seen leaping from the waves as they swim alongside ships at sea.

No one can explain definitively why dolphins would want to swim near ships but dolphins, like humans, have individual motivations and preferences.

There are reasons dolphins could find a ship’s company appealing, depending on the type of ship, its passengers and the dolphin’s mood.

Bottlenose dolphins live in pods typically with 10 to 30 members.