VOYAGER: An Exciting Sci-Fi Series Based On Events From A Near Future

By  //  August 9, 2015

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innovative, realistic TV series

ABOVE VIDEO:  VOYAGER is a Sci-Fi series based on events from a near future. The most innovative and realistic TV series about space exploration and extra-terrestrial life – because we want to believe.


So real, it will inspire your belief in sci-fi. It is also the first network-bound narrative TV series to welcome crowdsourcing and fan endorsement at the most strategic and determining stage of its development.

Similar to how adventurers of yesteryear once sailed the seas or took to the skies in search of the unknown, the show follows a group of unique and conflicted characters, including beings of artificial intelligence, all led by an eccentric and daring Russian billionairess, as they explore new worlds and weird, terrifying reality.

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This concept teaser shows some cool sci-fi elements, but we want to take it a step further by innovating the genre with Scientific Anticipation. This means intertwining real cutting-edge science with the narrative. We will make sci-fi believable and exciting at the same time.

Our adventurers will travel to exotic locations within our own galaxy by harnessing energy found in space that allows for fast travel compared to today’s technology. A trip between Saturn and Jupiter would take weeks instead of years, unless this cutting edge technology were to malfunction…

With the discovery of alien existence, the authenticity of life will come into question. Both science and religion will be challenged by a mysterious element that goes beyond them both. The debate between executing a peaceful or aggressive approach in dealing with alien life will strike divisions across the entire world — especially between humans and their AI counterparts.

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The next space revolution is happening today (just as the world was stunned sixty years ago when the first human satellite sent its first beep from space). You will be able to experience the why, how, and where of space travel — just as our adventurers will keep those back on Earth updated through active social media accounts, but first our voyagers will have to overcome three major barriers in order to embark on their journey.

There has been a lot of backlash with sci-fi films not being realistic or believable: don’t we want to believe? There has been an enormous amount of scientific knowledge — sometimes unexpected and disturbing — acquired in the last ten years that is just waiting to feed an action driven science fiction series.

What if some great discoveries and breakthroughs could be made through the show?

OUR GOAL is to create an innovation in sci-fi and sell it to a TV network with the endorsement of as many fans as possible.

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We want to give fans the opportunity to leave a footprint and personal touch in what we believe will become a successful show. We’re also offering a rare behind-the-scenes experience of everything that goes into getting a network TV show made: from the pitch, to the pilot production, and beyond.

Let’s invest in the stunning reality of space and inspire the next generation of inventors and explorers!

Developing a TV series is expensive – especially sci-fi. Our goal is the bare minimum in order to get the ball rolling. Huge scientific and technological research has already been achieved, the world of the series is built, and the first draft of the pilot has been written. With more funding, we will better be able to accommodate the following costs of development: compensation for the writing developments (final screenplay and eBook), designers, production consultants, and legal necessities.

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Co-creators are Nabil Sioufi, a PhD and biotechnology entrepreneur passionate about space exploration, cutting-edge technological advances, life sciences and exobiology, and Richard Christian Matheson, who besides TV/films is also a New York Times critically-acclaimed author of several short story collections and novels, including Scars and Other Distinguishing Marks,The Ritual of Illusion, Created By and the Amazon #1 bestseller Dystopia. RC Matheson is the president of Matheson Entertainment and the son of award-winning novelist and screenwriter Richard Matheson, the author of I Am Legend. Matheson Entertainment is currently producing a feature film re-boot of The Incredible Shrinking Man with MGM.

Risks and challenges

All film related projects have their challenges, but some pertain particularly to the realm of television. While we can guarantee a pilot screenplay as well as a pitch of the fully series to several networks, it may take longer than anticipated before the show is picked up, produced, and released. It took some time for many hit series to sell, but you can help make a difference!

Fortunately, the creative team and its consultants have much experience navigating through the world of television and have had multiple successes in having their projects picked up and produced. Beyond that, the illustrated eBook series will be released as quickly as possible.

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