VIDEO: Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Out of Port Canaveral Rescues Cuban Refugees

By  //  October 19, 2015

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ship took seven adrift Cubans aboard

Desiree Stovall, who was cruising on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas out of Port Canaveral, captured this two-part video action (Part 1 above, Part 2, below) of the ship taking seven Cubans aboard who were adrift on a small raft Saturday.

“The ship’s excellent rescue team coordinated with the U.S. Coast Guard to rescue and render aid to the starved and dehydrated refugees aboard the raft,” said Stovall in a post on YouTube.

“We were later informed that they had been out to sea for 10 days with nothing but small amounts of water and crackers. Overall, they were in good shape and eventually were released to the Coast Guard once they were treated, fed and clothed.”

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