Arrests In Brevard County: November 25, 2015

By  //  November 25, 2015



BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The suspects below were arrested by various law enforcement agencies on the Space Coast.

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.


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Baber, Alexis, Kay
Bollinger, Toni, Annette
Burnett, Jennifer, Yvonne
Davis, Michale, Levi
Dulin, Lonnie, K
Fitts, Jack, Alan Harnish
Greene, Jack, Lawrence
Griffin, Kimberly, Marie
Harrington, John, Hugh
Harris, Zaneta, Joy
Harvey, Lemont, David
Howard, Willie, Albert
Irish, Jason, Dejon
King, James, William
Leone, Andrew, Martin
Lewis, Kenneth, Damion
Martinez, Herminio
McCrory, Michael, Scott
Montgomery, Marquis, DeAnthony
mudge, anthony, stephen
Owens, Michael, Leon
Penn, Sean, Anthonio
Pinter, Gary, Harvey
Pruitt, Rodney, Lee
Rivers, Marcus, Mandrell
Rowe, Donna, Lou
Sapp, David, Lee
Smallwood, Michael, David
Stokely, Scott, Gordon
Taylor, Matthew, Christopher
Varnackas, Christopher, Wayne
Wittkoph, Taylor, Michelle
Wong, Michael, Shu Ho
Wozniak, Shannon, Marie