FTC Scam Alert: National Consumer Protection Week 2016

By  //  December 17, 2015

event to teach about current scams

Concerned about data breaches and identity theft?

Living on your own for the first time and thinking about budgeting, credit, renting an apartment or buying a car? Were you the victim of a scam?

Misled by false advertising claims? Or do you just want to get smarter about products and services you’re considering?

Whatever’s happening in your world, when it comes to protecting your money and guarding your information, National Consumer Protection Week is a great time to get the best consumer resourcesfrom federal, state and local agencies and consumer advocacy groups across the nation. NCPW 2016 is March 6-12.

At NCPW.gov, you’ll find tips, publications, blog posts, and other information from experts in consumer protection.

There’s even a toolkit with press releases, newsletter articles, flyers and a video that you can use to create your own consumer protection campaign.

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In fact, you can order free materials to share at the FTC’s bulk order site and from other NCPW partners.

Notice I said NCPW is “a great time” to get great resources and become a savvy consumer — not the only time. Make learning how to protect yourself and those you care about from fraud and scams something you do year-round — in your community, at your job, even in your own home.