Poll: 26% of GOP Voters Won’t Vote for Trump In General

By  //  February 28, 2016

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Current delegate leader Donald Trump is expected to win several more states during the upcoming “Super Tuesday” election, but if the real estate mogul  ultimately wins the Republican nomination, he may need to improve his standing with at least one fourth of his own party’s constituents. 

To gauge Trump’s popularity among active Republican voters, 175 verified active Republican voters were asked the following:

“Would you ever vote for Donald Trump in a general election vs. Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?”

Of the 175 polled by a political campaign analyst, 26% said they would not vote for Trump in the general election. While the sample size is smaller than the largest national polls, it is more recent and used verified to data to confirm voter authenticity.

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A recent poll conducted by Qunnipiac showed Trump with a sizable lead over Sen. Marco Rubio, however the Qunnipiac Poll was conducted prior to the debate on Feb. 25, and the poll didn’t survey confirmed Republican voters, which makes a major difference in closed primary states such as Florida. Another poll conducted by AIF found Rubio with 7% of Trump,  and that poll was also conducted prior to the major debate.