Florida Tech Spring Game Set For Tonight At 7 p.m. From Florida Tech Panther Stadium

By  //  March 3, 2016

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Florida Tech will host its annual Spring Game at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday at Florida Tech Panther Stadium. (FIT Image)

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – Florida Tech will host its annual Spring Game at 7 p.m. ET on tonight at Florida Tech Panther Stadium.

The contest has an interesting flair to it this year as the two teams were drafted by head coaching teams of FIT President and CEO Dr. Anthony J. Catanese and incoming university president T. Dwayne McCay for the Gray side as well as football founders Mike Shah and Scott Sorensen for the Crimson team.

While the head coaches for each side will be making decision like when to kick or when to go for it on fourth down, the play calling will be made by each team’s coordinators.

Chad Raymond will run the offense for the Crimson, while Dan Sabock will head the defense. On the flip side, Dan Owen will serve as the defensive coordinator for the Gray team with Austin Silvoy heading up the offense.

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VIDEO: Panthers Draft Teams For Thursday Night’s Annual Spring Game

While the Gray team is loaded with offensive talent like Mark Cato, Trevor Sand, Antwuan Haynes and Terrance Bynum, the Crimson team will combat them with defensive studs like Tyler Grow, Skylar Sheffield, Nate McDowell and Aneus Sangster.

Steve Englehart
Steve Englehart

“I think overall it is pretty even,” said head coach Steve Englehart.

“On one side you have the best two running backs but on the other team you probably have the best two interior defensive linemen…the Crimson team went more with the trenches, the offensive and defensive linemen, and the Gray team went with some of the skill players and linebackers.”

The game will consist of four twelve-minute quarters. All players will be live, with the exception of each sides quarterback, Cato and Brandon Ziarno, who will be in white no-contact jerseys.

Admission to Thursday’s Spring Game is free of charge. For those that are unable to attend, a live stream will be available at FloridaTechSports.com/live.

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