CNN VIDEO: Clinton, Sanders Exchange Verbal Blows In Thursday Night’s CNN Democratic Debate

By  //  April 15, 2016

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Debate Held In Brooklyn, NY

ABOVE VIDEO: Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clash over wall street, tax returns and the 1994 Crime Bill during CNN’s Brooklyn democratic debate. (CNN Video)

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders squared off Thursday night in the most heated and dramatic Democratic presidential debate of the 2016 cycle, battling it out at a two-hour prime-time event on CNN that exposed fundamental differences in their candidacies and campaign styles.

Coming just five days ahead of the crucial New York contest Tuesday, the debate featured combative exchanges on issues including gun control, Israel and Wall Street reform.

These policy disagreements were fueled by a broader clash: Sanders cast doubt on Clinton’s judgment and credibility, while Clinton insisted that the Vermont senator lacked experience and pragmatism.

As the two delivered harsh attacks throughout the night — on multiple occasions inviting intervention from the moderators — a rowdy crowd at the Brooklyn Navy Yards stoked the tension, loudly cheering and hissing to take sides.


ABOVE VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta has said that Hillary Clinton won’t release transcripts from speeches given to Wall Street unless it becomes a political norm. (CNN Video)

ABOVE VIDEO: During CNN’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn, New York, Hillary Clinton apologized for being an advocate for her husband’s 1994 crime bill. (CNN Video)

ABOVE VIDEO: Hillary Clinton was asked her opinion on the president’s position that not being prepared for the aftermath of Moammar Gadhafi’s fall in Libya, as being one of the great regrets of his presidency. (CNN Video)