Cocoa Utilities Department Working on Taste, Odor Issues of Drinking Water After Complaints

By  //  April 4, 2016

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Changes in Chlorination Believed to be Culprit

City officials said a recent change in the manner in which drinkiing water is being chlorinated has led to complaints from Cocoa residents. (Space Coast Daily Image)

COCOA * BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — The Cocoa Utilities Department has recently received several complaints about the taste and odor of the drinking water throughout is service area (Central Brevard County), the city reported on its website Monday.

Water treatment professionals at the Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant believe that the change in the taste and odor of the drinking water is related to a change that was made to how they chlorinate at that treatment plant, the city reported.

To lower the production of disinfection byproducts, the city said it started dosing the chlorine closer to the end of the treatment process instead of throughout the entire process.

City officials believe this has led to the different taste and odor issues residents are currently experiencing.

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Officials said the water treatment  and lab staffs are working on solving this issue. The water is still safe to drink and all the levels for chlorine are still within regulated guidelines, the site stated.

The city recommends filling a pitcher of water and let it stand in the refrigerator overnight, which should minimize chlorine taste and odor.