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By  //  April 15, 2016

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Florida legislation focused on Protecting Consumers From Surprise Medical Bills

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Topics Include: Fear of Crying: Babies on Airplanes; Rewards of Canine Therapy; Video Games Good For Kids’ Cognitive Development – and More.

Why Do Babies Cry On Airplanes?

Everything went well with your 10-month old baby enjoying a bottle during take off, but once at cruising altitude, the confined environment and unfamiliar surroundings trigger the dreaded furrowed brow, protruding lower lip and subsequent squall that leads to a crying spell that just can’t seem to be squelched.

baby and flyingYou’re frantic to find a solution so as not to appear to be neglectful or a parent who can’t control the situation, and to stop the accusatory stares and mumbling of your fellow travelers.

Dr. Perri Klass writes for the New York Times and offers insight into the factors associated with the “Fear of Crying: the problem of babies and airplanes.” (Perri Klass, New York Times, 04/11)

Researchers Building Software That Predicts Your Lifespan

How would you change your life if you could predict your lifespan accurately?

happy seniorsA British project is currently underway using data from 3.4 million people and costing $1.1 million, in which researchers have begun developing software with the aim to calculate how long you’ll live.

Accurately predicting life expectancy could help improve healthcare and contribute to better utilization of pensions and perhaps extend lifespan a little further and make senior years more enjoyable. (Susie East, CNN, 04/01)

Turning Your Pet Into a Therapy Dog

Everyone loves him and he loves everyone–that adorable canine family member who you’re sure would make a great therapy dog.

Therapy dogIf you want to turn your “best friend” into a therapy dog, be ready to first explore your pet’s aptitude for it and then devote some time to training.

Therapy dog Max’s owner and New York Times columnist, Jane Brody, shares her insight and perspective on what to expect from the rewarding experience of teaming up with a beloved canine to bring joy to those in need. (Jane Brody, New York Times, 02/29)

Live Music Shown To Reduce Stress Hormones

Studies have shown that music can relax the mind, but, for the first time, researchers out of the United Kingdom decided to specifically measure the effects of attending a live, public concert on stress related steroid hormone levels.

rock concertThe research demonstrated that attending a public cultural event can induce a measurable effect on an individual’s internal hormone levels.

The “stress hormone” – cortisol – was reduced across the board, among other intriguing changes, some of which hint at subtly different emotional responses to live music between the sexes. (Tim Newman, Medical News Today, 04/12)

Florida Moves To Protect Consumers From Surprise Medical Bills

The Florida Legislature passed a bill last month that would prevent patients who inadvertently receive out-of-network care at in-network providers from having to pay so-called balance bills.

FL healthcare lawUnder the legislation, insurers and out-of-network providers would resolve payment disputes within a state-arranged, voluntary dispute resolution process.

The bill has gone to Gov. Rick Scott, who must decide whether to sign the legislation by April 14. (Harris Meyer, Modern Healthcare, 04/08)

Children Reap the Benefits Of Video Games

Are you afraid that your children’s love of video games could be harming their development? Fear not.

CHILDREN PLAYING VIDEO GAMESAccording to research published in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, playing on-screen games appears to have positive effects on mental health, cognitive and social skills.

After adjusting for age, gender and number of siblings, research results indicated that high video game usage led to a 1.75 times greater chance of high intellectual functioning and 1.88 times chance of high overall school competence.

However, authors caution against “over interpretation” of these results, and urge parents to continue to exercise responsibility by setting limits on screen usage in order to help ensure a balance in student activity and health. (Yvette Brazier, Medical News Today, 03/12)