Mars And Saturn At Closest Distances This Week, Both Easy To View

By  //  June 2, 2016

The planet Saturn and its iconic rings shine in a picture taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on May 23. (NASA Image)

(National Geographic) – On May 30, Mars reached its closest proximity to Earth in over a decade, and it will remain an amazingly bright star-like object in the eastern evening sky for the next couple of weeks.

At times our two worlds can be on opposite sides of the sun and be separated by as much as 249 million miles (400 million kilometers).

But from now until June 12, the red planet will be no farther than 48 million miles (77 million kilometers) away.

Whether you have a telescope, binoculars, or even just use your naked eyes, now is the time to check out Mars for yourself.

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(Skychart by A. Fazekas)