VIDEO: Donald Trump Formally Introduces Gov. Mike Pence As His VP Selection Ahead Of Convention

By  //  July 16, 2016

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ABOVE VIDEO: Indiana governor accepts nomination to run for vice president. (FOX NEWS Video)

(FOX NEWS) – Donald Trump and now-official running-mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence joined on stage Saturday, warning Americans about the perils of electing Hillary Clinton and vowing to make the country safe and prosperous again.

“I am here to introduce the man who will be my partner in the campaign and in the White House to fix the rigged system,” Trump said from a Hilton hotel in New York City. “I found a leader who will help us deliver a safe society and a prosperous society.”

Trump, before bringing Pence on stage, delivered a blistering stump speech that touted his agenda and attacked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, arguing her failures as secretary of state have led to the global terror attacks that are destroying the world.

“The Middle East is out of control,” said Trump, who planned to hold an event Friday announcing Pence as his running-mate but was forced to cancel because of the terror attack in Nice, France, on Thursday that killed at least 84 people.

“Hillary Clinton led (President) Obama right down a horrible path. … Iraq, Syria, horrible,” Trump said. “Now we’re seeing unrest in Turkey.”