VIDEO: Famous Movie Scenes Where Actors Nearly Died Or Were Seriously Injured

By  //  July 17, 2016

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celebrities are directly in the line of fire

ABOVE VIDEO: Special effects have come such a long way that it’s easy to forget there’s still a fair amount of danger that goes along with making all that Hollywood magic happen. Often, our favorite celebrities are directly in the line of fire. Here are a few times when it all went wrong on set, seriously injuring some of our favorite movie stars. (Looper video)

• George Clooney | 0:20
• Charlize Theron | 0:50
• Halle Berry | 1:20
• Michael J. Fox | 1:49
• Viggo Mortensen | 2:16
• Isla Fisher | 2:47
• Sylvester Stallone | 3:10
• Tom Hanks | 3:33


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