YOUR OPINION: Ronald Reagan Club Submits Endorsements For Upcoming Election

By  //  July 27, 2016

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With the upcoming 2016 political election season heating up for what is sure to be among the most passionate in our nation’s history, Space Coast Daily will be a neutral site for the citizens of Brevard County, and this great country, to express their opinions on our interactive multimedia platform and social media venues.
With the upcoming 2016 political election season heating up for what is sure to be among the most passionate in our nation’s history, Space Coast Daily will be a neutral site for the citizens of Brevard County, and this great country, to express their opinions on our interactive multimedia platform and social media venues.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Ronald Reagan Club respectfully submits the following candidates as the chosen choices for the designated offices. 

All candidates are commended for their civic involvement by choosing to run and extended our best wishes in their efforts. Some races are omitted due to lack of information, unopposed, or no creditable candidate.

U.S. President – Donald J. Trump; U.S. House – Bill Posey; Brevard Clerk of Courts – Scott Ellis; Florida Senate D17 – Debbie  Mayfield; Florida House D50 – George Collins; Florida House D51 – Tim Tumulty; Florida House D52 (equally qualified ) – Brian Hodgers Fritz  and VanVolkenburgh; Florida House D53 – Randy Fine; Brevard County Commission D1 – Micah Nix; Brevard County Commission D3 – John Tobia; Brevard County Commission D5 – Kristine Isnardi; Port Commissioner – Bob Harvey; Melbourne City Council – Tim Thomas; Circuit Judge – Steve Henderson.

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YOUR OPINION: Join the Multimedia Political Discourse, Neutral Site For Citizens of Brevard County

Bill Posey: Bill is opposed by Corry Westbrook for the second time. We have heard Corry speak at a local Democratic forum and she expounds forcibly as the poster child of the NOW crowd; – abortion rights, more government control, the entire ultra-liberal agenda.

Debby Mayfield: Opponent Rick Workman has taken credit for many conservative issues in which he voted against, was absent, or denies his actions. The most grievous is his vote to give illegals driver’s licenses, law licenses, school discounts, and entrée into Florida courts, but claims to be the illegal watchdog. He was okay with Common Core, thought the “high speed rail” and All Aboard Florida was good for Brevard and the state, even though Brevard receives NO benefit, and the so-called private investment has become government-backed funding. Ritch also will find himself involved in an elections violation in campaign mailings on more than one count. As Chairman of the Rules Committee, he was able to prevent any Mayfield legislation from even being heard. We find Ritch to be of questionable ethics, and too uninformed about legislative issues to be effective.

George Collins: George is running for House Rep District 50, formerly held by Tom Goodson. (See commentary below.) His opponent , Rene Plasencia is from the Orange County area, Rene’s current seat was re-districted into a heavy liberal bloc, and State House leadership brought him into Brevard for friendlier voters and makes no secret of his Democratic leanings. He stands for Sanctuary Cities and Medicaid expansion, likes Common Core, and would not be an addition to a conservative house. George has an impressive background as a Communications Engineer, former National Guardsman, Valencia College instructor with strong ties to family and church. We would welcome George’s conservative values to the house.

Tim Tumulty: Tim is a former NASA Engineer caught in the recent downsizing, and now teaches math to Brevard students. He is currently Mayor of Cocoa Beach, and a true conservative by nature. He is running for the vacated District 51 house seat formerly held by Steve Crisafulli. His opponent, Tom Goodson was State Rep in D50, though he admittedly did not live there. We also wonder why there were two homestead exemptions for the Goodson family? If his former residence declaration is legitimate, he is having a difficult time catching up with his legitimate district.

Scott Ellis: Scott Ellis’s name and character is so well known throughout Brevard, he should have little trouble retaining this office. The Clerk is the prime financial officer and watchdog of the county, charged with ensuring the proper expenditures of county funds, His predecessor is awaiting trial for misuse of office and misappropriation of funds, highlighting the need for conscientious administration of this vital function. It requires hands-on management, and cannot be effectively operated by part-time control. Neither of Scott’s opposition has the attributes to match Ellis. We know Scott will punch the clock with the greatest effectiveness.

Micah Nix: Micah is running in District 1, Titusville, currently held by Robin Fisher, who engineered the transition of nearly his entire District 1 into a “Economic Development Zone” (NBEDZ) which skims all future new construction and improvement tax increases into the NBEDZ Trust fund for the exclusive use by the development zone and its un-elected board, all of whom are closely aligned with Fisher as friends or in business associations. Micah’s opponent, Rita Pritchett, is a Fisher ally and supporter of this skimming of the county’s future general funds. Fisher’s NBEDZ has initiated several corporate charity deals, and through bonding can obligate this county’s funds for the next 40 years. Miracle City Mall is a recent Fisher project that has changed ownership more often than a new baby’s diapers.

John Tobia: John comes from a house rep seat, and teaches government at Valencia College. He is knowledgeable about acceptable government practice as opposed to spendthrift policy, and would like to change the balance of the current 4-1 rubber-stamp commission,. His opponent, Andrea Young, is from the West Melbourne Council, and voted for the horrendous Community Development zone (CRA) that was able to take management control of an area of the county without the annexation process. We need responsible governance on the county commission. Andrea is a strong supporter of CRA ‘s which gets 40% of its funding from county property taxes, and transfers general funds to an unelected board’s administration.

Kristine Isnardi: Kristine comes from Palm Bay City Council, and has shown her conservative character in that position. It is important that Kristine join Tobia on the Commission to reverse the lack of responsible county administration that bemoans a shortage of revenues while dispensing those revenues to corporate welfare, skimming “development “ zones, international travel, and debt service increases that guarantee big problems for future Commissioners. Her opponent, Rob Medina” while loudly professing “strong ethics and character” was formerly an aide to Commissioner Jackie Colon. When Jackie lost her race eight years ago, she locked her commission door the next day, trashed the office, and abandoned her official duty. No aides or staff bothered to man the office, but still collected their paychecks. The incoming commissioner found the office virtually destroyed. Medina’s record would indicate he would be a “ready and willing” ally to more of the same current 4-1 votes for more irresponsible spending.

Steve Henderson: Steve is the only viable candidate for this office. At a recent Reagan judicial forum, candidates were queried on their personal lives and positions. As to who they considered a role model on the Supreme Court candidate Christina Sanchez answered Sotomayer “because she is a woman.”  In answer to financial strengths for an election, Sanchez admitted to a prior foreclosure. Would financial strain affect a judge’s decisions when ruling in advocacies of trial attorneys who were large contributors? Would campaign funds other than personal funds carry future courtroom obligations?

Tim Thomas: Tim will be a political name in Brevard if he chooses to pursue it. His resume is mega impressive, and would qualify him to much higher office. He previously accompanied a mission into the mid-east to recover and locate missing US military. He is highly respected by the law and military community. Tim is hands-down the most capable candidate, and would be a welcome addition in an unremarkable city council. Best choice.

Bob Harvey: Bob is running against incumbent Port Commissioner Bruce Deardoff, who though owning local auto dealerships, has never lived in his Port district, or Brevard County. We remember Deardoff proposing the wealthy Port Authority give $5 million to the Brevard School Board, in direct violation of the Port’s charter. It appears obeying the laws are for others …not Bruce. He has also been very active in the dead-end proposals for rail service to the port, though the Port lacks the infrastructure to effectively utilize such rail service. Recently, the Port told its long-term leases their rents would go sky-high, or they could abandon their businesses so the Port could develop warehouse and commercial spaces for more Port revenue. The Port has shown an arrogant disdain for local business interests, if they collide with the Port. It is time the Port District was extended to the entire county since their decisions affect the entire county.

–  Ronald Reagan Club


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