VIDEO: Weather Channel Meteorologist Explores the Structure of a Hurricane

By  //  August 1, 2016

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Two potential storms loom in Atlantic

ABOVE VIDEO: Weather Channel Meteorologist Michael Lowry dives deep into the structure of a hurricane and the characteristics of each part.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA  – The prediction for this years hurricane season was to be average to above average in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

The trends predicted a slow start as EL Nino exited and La Nina settles into place. La Nina’s typically allow for more active hurricane seasons as weaker vertical wind shear and trade winds allow for less stability in the atmosphere.

So far, the predictions have been accurate. All of the activity has been in the Eastern Pacific, and it has been substantial for this early in the Hurricane season, however, the Gulf and Atlantic remain quiet-until now.

Just this morning, the National Hurricane Center’s Atlantic Operations center in Miami Florida, released it’s 5-day tropical outlook for the Gulf/Atlantic and all-of-a-sudden, there are two disturbances, with one that is likely to intensify into an organized cyclone.

The state of Florida has not been hit by a major land-falling hurricane since 2005. In fact, the Gulf of Mexico broke a record.

No hurricanes have entered or developed in the Gulf of Mexico since September 2013, a stretch of well over 1,000 days. This streak is now the longest on record, dating to the late 1800s.

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The last hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico was Hurricane Ingrid, which made landfall in northeast Mexico in September 2013, 1048 days ago. With peak season not expected until mid-September, there is still plenty of time remaining in the 2016 season.

Remember, it only takes one hurricane for a bad season.


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