Republican Senator Dana Young Introduces Legislation to Ban Fracking in Florida

By  //  January 24, 2017

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Senator Dana Young (R-Tampa) today filed Senate Bill 442, an act relating to advanced well stimulation treatments, which effectively bans fracking throughout Florida.

The bill bans fracking of all types in Florida, including hydraulic fracking, acid fracking, and matrix acidizing.

“As a 6th generation Floridian and avid outdoorsman, I believe we must act quickly and decisively to protect our fragile environment from incompatible well stimulation practices in our state,” said Senator Young.

Dana Young

She continued, “We have seen the detrimental impacts fracking has had in many states around the country, most notably Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. As Floridians, we must join together and say ‘no’ to this harmful activity, before irreversible environmental damage is done.”

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jack Latvala (R-Clearwater) said, “I am proud to support and co-sponsor this very important piece of legislation which will help keep our environment safe and protect our aquifer from being one accident away from becoming the next oil spill which would contaminate our drinking water for years to come,” he continued, “More than 75 counties and cities have passed ordinances and resolutions banning fracking and it is time their voice is heard on this issue and this bill gets a fair hearing in the Senate.”

Gary Farmer

“I am pleased to co-introduce this legislation that will finally ban all forms of fracking in our beautiful State. The time has finally come to end this dangerous practice,” said Senator Gary Farmer (D-Lighthouse Point).

“This bill represents the now bipartisan recognition that Florida’s unique geological makeup leaves our water-supply particularly vulnerable, and must be protected.”

Senator Keith Perry (R-Gainesville) said, “I am proud to stand with Senator Young in supporting this important legislation which will put Florida’s future generations first and protect Florida’s vast natural resources.”

Representative Mike Miller (R-Orlando) who will sponsor the legislation in the House of Representatives said, “Florida’s natural beauty is what attracted me to this state over 40 years ago. My family and I have spent many vacations here enjoying and exploring it. Florida is a truly unique place and I will do my part to protect it and our clean water supply for future generations.”

Janet Cruz

“I’m proud to prime co-sponsor this great piece of legislation to ban the dangerous practice of fracking in Florida because we must do everything we can to ensure the long-term environmental and economic prosperity of our state,” said House Minority Leader Janet Cruz (D-Tampa).

Fracking is an oil extraction method, which injects chemical-laden fluids into a well at pressures that exceed the fracture gradient of the rock formation for the purpose of increasing oil and gas production.

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Matrix acidizing involves injecting acids into the rock formation for the purpose of dissolving the formation to increase production of oil and gas.

In closing, Senator Young stated, “I have been fortunate to have grown up in a family with a very deep connection, understanding and appreciation of Florida’s beautiful natural environment. I have filed this bill for my children and for all the current and future generations of Floridians who I believe deserve to have this same opportunity.”