VIDEO: New U.S. Army Regulations Permits Soldiers To Wear Hijabs, Turbans and Religious Beards

By  //  January 7, 2017

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also allows female soldiers to wear hair in dreadlocks

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(FOX NEWS) – The U.S. Army has issued a directive on grooming and appearance regulations that allows observant Sikh men and conservative Muslim women to wear religious head coverings.

The policy, announced Tuesday, also permits Sikh soldiers to maintain their beards and female soldiers to wear their hair in dreadlocks.

“The Army has reviewed its policies to ensure soldiers can serve in a manner consistent with their faith so that we can recruit from the broadest pool of America’s best,” Army Secretary Eric Fanning said in a statement.

“Over the last year, the Army conducted rigorous evaluation and validation of how commonly requested accommodations would impact force effectiveness,” Fanning said. “Our goal has always been to ensure soldier readiness and safety while providing reasonable accommodations for these established and recognized faith practices.”


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