WATCH LIVE: Two Bald Eagles, Harriet and M15 Raise Their New Baby Eaglet In Southwest Florida

By  //  January 4, 2017

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Second Egg Has Not Hatched


 FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – Viewers from across the world have tuned in to witness the hatching of a Bald Eagle baby eaglet in Southwest Florida over the past weekend.

The eaglet hatched on December 31.

As the baby eaglet continues to grow, the parents, Harriet and M15, have been feeding the eaglet a lot of fish over the first few days of the eaglet’s life.

The eaglet, E9, appears to be alone as the second egg has reached 42 days without a single pip. A pip is referred to when a hole has been pecked through the egg shell which begins the hatching process.

E9 waits for its mother, Harriet, to return with food.

Experts fear that the egg will not hatch as eggs normally hatch around the 35th day.

Experts say the Eagles will continue to sit on the egg for awhile, along with E9, in hopes that the egg could still hatch but the possibility of the second egg hatching is not likely.

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It is not known what the eagles will do with the egg, however history has shown some eagles will remove the egg, bury the egg in the nest or even consume it.

Over the next few weeks, the parents will continue to feed E9. Between 10-13 weeks, E9 will begin to learn how to fly.


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