Join Joe Steckler April 4 At Palm Bay City Hall For Isnardi, Tobia Town Hall Meeting

By  //  March 13, 2017

Helping Seniors of Brevard

ABOVE VIDEO: Helping Seniors of Brevard is dedicated to improving the quality of life for area residents.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Join me on April 4 at 6 p.m. at Palm Bay City Hall for Brevard County Commissioners Kristine Isnardi and John Tobia’s town hall meeting.

It is time for seniors to unite and let county commissioners know our concerns, especially the lack of funding for nonprofit agencies that help seniors.

In a county of 545,000 people, with about 245,000 meeting senior citizen qualifications according to AARP, it is unconscionable that less than one-tenth of one percent of the county budget funds services of county-based nonprofit organizations.

I could make the words stronger but I think you get the point.

In the early 2000’s the amount funded for these programs was $500,000.

We managed to get that increased to one million, but it fell back to $500,000 with lack of attention.

Roads, public services and retirement income for our county staff are important, as are all services, but we’ve reached a point where decisions have to be made.

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Seniors, according to the Governor’s office, are one of the highest contributing elements to state and county budgets; they pay more than their fair share of the monies for roads, children’s services, schools, etc.

It is time that seniors held all public officials accountable for the use of tax payer dollars.

Just as schools and meals are important to children, so too are senior centers, Meals on Wheels and other elder care services important to senior citizens.

Each year, local nonprofit organizations are forced to compete for already scarce dollars.

Most organizations can make a good case for need and a small increase in county funds would make it possible for these organizations to do a better job serving our community.

Helping Seniors is committed to informing, educating and connecting seniors and those who care for them to the many wonderful resources in Brevard.

Brevard County Commissioners Kristine Isnardi (District 5) and John Tobia (District 3) will host a general town hall meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4, at Palm Bay City Hall, located at 120 Malabar Road.
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WATCH REPLAY: Brevard County Commissioners Isnardi, Tobia Conduct Joint General Town Hall Meeting

We recently had a caller who was limited to bologna sandwiches because he had no other food – he was not aware of the Meals on Wheels program.

Currently, Brevard has no Aging Plan.

To remedy this, Helping Seniors formed an Advocacy Council, conducted a senior needs assessment survey and developed a paper that was submitted to our commissioners. No comment was ever received.

VIDEO: Helping Seniors of Brevard Dedicated To Improving Quality of Life For Area ResidentsRelated Story:
VIDEO: Helping Seniors of Brevard Dedicated To Improving Quality of Life For Area Residents

Seniors will continue to be treated in such manner until we convince county officials that senior needs are equal to other stated needs. My most recent column addressed senior leadership.

Until we make known our desires and current funding inadequacies, the status quo will continue.

I ask you to join me at the April 4 town hall meeting and let our elected representatives know we want to be recognized as a major contributor to county revenue and that senior needs are as important as all others.



Joe Steckler

Joe Steckler is the President of Helping Seniors of Brevard, a non profit organization designed to advocate, educate, and fundraise on behalf of Brevard’s senior citizens. Steckler is a long-time and knowledgeable Senior Advocate. A retired Navy Captain, he is known for his work in founding and developing the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation, as well as for launching Helping Seniors of Brevard in 2011.

Steckler is also a popular favorite on Space Coast area TV and radio, he has appeared in more than 400 TV programs, hosted his weekly Radio program for 15+ years, and appears regularly in print.