BUYER’S GUIDE: Top Things To Consider When Picking Out Bouncy Castles For Your Kids

By  //  June 13, 2017

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BOUNCY CASTLES loads of fun

Are your kids hosting an event with their friends? Is something big planned for this weekend where there will be a lot of kids running around your yard? Or maybe you just want to buy your children something nice that you think they are going to enjoy.

No matter the question, the correct answer is almost always a bouncy castle. It’s one of those things that you just can’t go wrong with. Not only will your kids enjoy it by themselves but if they are having friends over the fun amplifies even more.

But buying one isn’t really that easy since there are so many options on what to get.

That being said, this guide should do a fine job in showing you the different bouncy castles that you can get for your kids and not regret it.

They focus on quality and great features so it’s going to be hard to choose between them even so but maybe you just see the one that is perfect for your kids and for your yard. So let’s just see what you can get in terms of bouncy castles on the market today.

Little Tikes Jump N Slide Bouncer

This bouncy castle is smaller than the ones you might have seen in movies. It’s still pretty big for a kid, but it’s definitely not worthy of the word “castle.” It’s more like a bouncy cottage but it’s still loads of fun thanks to its great quality.

The color scheme used for this one is easy on the eye and you’re going to definitely like the aesthetic boost that it’s going to give to your yard.

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that it comes with.

• It has a sizeable jumping area which means that multiple kids can jump in at once and have fun
• It comes with all the necessary tools and components to anchor the castle to the ground but also to inflate it into place, which is great because you don’t need to buy them separately
• The inflation for this castle is really fast and you won’t spend half the day just getting it ready
• It comes with an inflatable slide which is great because it provides an extra measure of security for the kids which can just slide down to safety even though it was design for fun as a priority
• The walls of the castle come with a protective net which will keep the kids safe and also make sure that they don’t go out flying out of the castle when the jumping gets a little too intense

My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House Bopper

Similar to the previously shown model, this one also comes with a nice color scheme. It’s all about bright colors and a nice contrast between them.

The castle is inviting and it has a feature that most kids would die for: a ball pool. Having a bouncy castle is pretty cool for most kids on its own but the fact that you have a ball pool right next door is pretty sweet.

Let’s see what other goodies come packed with this bouncy castle.

• It has a compact bouncing area which isn’t the biggest but it manages to cram enough space into a small frame
• It comes with a pretty big weight capacity of 150 pounds meaning that you can fit a few kids in there before it gives out
• The process of getting it ready is very simple thanks to the fact that it is very simple to inflate it as well as deflate it whenever you want or need to do so
• It’s size puts it somewhere in the sweet spot in terms of positioning which means that you can leave it outside or bring it inside just as fine
• It comes with a ball pool space right next to it, attached nicely so that kids can immediately swap between the bouncy castle and the ball pool at their leisure and amusement

Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer

Well, if this name isn’t going to confuse you, nothing is. But the name is not what you need to take away from this particular model. It comes with a nice design which actually resembles a castle.

It’s nice to see a bouncy castle actually take the shape of a castle now and again, and this one does just that for you. More than that, it adds a slide that can easily go for a retractable bridge like you would see on a real castle.

Kids can easily get in and do their bouncing and when they’re finished bouncing the day away they could easily slide out using the included and attached slider. It has a nice color scheme as it is expected from bouncy castles, and it’s just fun.


Let’s see more characteristics about this particular model and design.

• It promotes a lot of physical exercise through the extra goodies that it has packed in such as the aforementioned slide and the included basketball hoop which is positioned inside the bouncy castle
• It makes sure that it is super durable thanks to the material used, which are coated with PVC making sure that the construction is not only safe but also durable and that you won’t have to buy a new one next week
• It has a Velcro opening which makes it super easy for kids to get in but it also makes sure that they don’t get hurt by implementing a more complicated or dangerous lock which uses other materials or even sharp plastic for that matter
• It comes with ground stakes as well as a tote bag which add another level of fun to the entire experience, making this bouncy castle definitely one of the most prepared ones in terms of waiting for a weekend full of kids jumping.

If you’re planning on getting your kids a bouncy castle, make sure to take these recommendations into account as these are some of the top solutions in the field that you can get.