ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT: How To Spend A Day In Thriving Cultural Hub Historic Cocoa Village

By  //  July 16, 2017

Eat a Gourmet Meal • SEE A SHOW

Historic Cocoa Village (downtown Cocoa) is a thriving cultural hub in the heart of Cocoa, Florida. (GoPortCanaveral.com Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA (GoPortCanaveral.com) – We tend to go on about the beach, watersports, and theme parks.

We also have a tendency to talk about making it from the airport to Port Canaveral.

It might surprise you that there is more to do in the Port Canaveral area than just the beach and the theme parks, and that if you chose to drive into your cruise then there are plenty of ways for you to spend the day before your cruise when you book a Snooze Park Cruise Package.

Historic Cocoa Village (downtown Cocoa) is a thriving cultural hub in the heart of Cocoa, Florida. It’s also less than 15 minutes away from Port Canaveral.

It’s a great place to spend a day, and, in fact, offers so much that a day trip can be extended into the early evening and you’ll still be making new discoveries. It is in fact on our short list for ways to spend the day before embarking on a couple’s cruise, but any cruiser can enjoy it.

Visit an Art Gallery


There are no fewer than ten art galleries in downtown Cocoa. They range from galleries run by individual artists looking to exhibit their work, and sell it, to collective efforts that spotlight the best of the local arts scene.

From bright watercolors to heavier oils, to line and ink drawings, to sketches, and to sculptures, art in nearly every medium is on display. Photography is also a highlight of the Space Coast.

With the natural beauty of Florida and its wildlife and the epic history of the space center on display for local artists, the artistry of nature and engineering is often on display side by side in galleries.

Go Antiquing


We’re just guessing, but we are going to assume that furniture buying isn’t something you’re planning to do before embarking on your cruise. There isn’t enough room in your luggage or in your stateroom.

You shouldn’t let that stop you from browsing, however. A lot of what’s antique and available in Cocoa Village are small items like jewelry and vintage collectibles, or things that can be easily brought along with you on your cruise.

If you do see something large that you just have to have, well, most places will be happy to arrange to ship.

Eat a Gourmet Meal


After a day of studying art and antiques, you’ll probably be a bit hungry. You can swing into the Black Tulip. A restaurant that is recognized as the finest food on the Space Coast.

If you’re looking for a different atmosphere, then there is certain to be a restaurant to suit your spirits as well as please your palate. A walk around the corner can see you to Paisley’s Vegan Kitchen, Oasis Bar & Grill, Brasas Brazilian Steakhouse, or the contradictorily named Norman’s Raw Bar & Grill. In spite of the name, Norman’s serves its gator deep fried not raw.

See a Show


The small cities on the Space Coast love their old theaters, and Cocoa is no exception. The Cocoa Village Playhouse is in its 26th season and runs nightly shows Friday through Sunday, with the occasional weekday event.

The productions range from surprisingly well-executed performances from junior theater troupes to experienced performances from veteran actors. Showings of silent movies and the performance of vintage radio plays are evening entertainments you won’t find outside of old theaters and art houses.

Go to the Park


Finally, after a busy day head to the center of town and the Cocoa Riverfront Park. This expansive green space has some incredible walking paths and plenty of places to sit and watch the sailboats anchored in the Indian River.

We know you’re eager to get out on the water. We suggest that you wrap up your day on land with a reminder of how big the boat you’re heading out to see on is.

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