HOME IMPROVEMENT: Seven Ways To Increase Real Estate Property Value With Smart Technology

By  //  August 1, 2017

new ways to enhance the value of your property

Whether you’ve recently built or purchased your luxury residence or it’s been in your family for generations, it’s never a bad time to check out some new ways to enhance the value of your property.

Whether you’ve recently built or purchased your luxury residence or it’s been in your family for generations, it’s never a bad time to check out some new ways to enhance the value of your property.

Tried-and-true projects such as kitchen renovations and roof replacements are fine choices, but there are many more modern, high-tech options that you may not have considered yet. Many home buyers are more eager than ever to live in a smart home, and they’re willing to shell out good money to make it happen.

Best of all, by outfitting your property with smart technologies, you can reap the benefits of a safer, more convenient and more valuable home even if you have no plans to sell. So, where should you start?

Smart Detectors and Sensors

According to recent studies, three out of every five residential fire fatalities occur in homes that have no working smoke detectors. That alone is reason enough to invest in a quality detector, but it gets even better.

You can save as much as five percent on your home insurance premiums by outfitting your home with smart detectors, and the devices – as well as the attendant savings – are sure to appeal to potential buyers as well. Many smart detectors, such as the Nest Protect and the Birdi, also monitor for deadly carbon monoxide and even general air quality.

Smart Door Locks

There’s nothing more important than feeling secure in your own home, and smart door locks can ensure that you’re always in control of your security. Fit your doors with smart locks like the August Smart Lock or the Schlage Sense and you can lock and unlock your doors remotely from virtually anywhere, set your doors to unlock any time you approach via Bluetooth and, with some models, even issue voice commands.

A smart lock means no more groping around for your house key or wondering whether you remembered to lock the front door, and it’s a surefire way to add real value to your home without investing a fortune.

Smart Thermostats

With a programmable, Internet-connected thermostat, going green in your home has never been easier. The most popular type of smart technology among homeowners, a Wifi thermostat provides more convenient and efficient set of tools for controlling the heating and cooling of your home, whether it’s managing settings remotely from a smartphone or setting detailed schedules to maximize energy savings and reduce waste.

Of course, with environmental concerns and rising energy costs at the forefront of many peoples’ minds, it should come as no surprise that a quality smart thermostat system is also a reliable way to give your property value a boost.

Smart Lights

You may not realize it, but a considerable amount of your monthly energy costs likely goes to lighting. The cost of operating a single light isn’t great, but it can add up quickly when you consider the average home has a staggering 45 light bulbs.

Swapping your traditional lights out for smarter models allows for a variety of handy features, from operating the bulbs on a set schedule to remotely controlling them from your mobile device. Smart lights can boost your home security, too. A few well-placed smart outdoor lights with motion sensors can alert you to suspicious activity around your home and provide the light you need to move about safely at night.

Smart Solar Panels

Solar power is the fastest-growing technology in the energy sector, and it’s easier – and more advantageous – than ever to grab yourself a piece of it. Smart solar panels can be a significant investment, but the returns are undoubtedly worth the expense. You can generate tremendous savings on your utility bills while doing your part to reduce your environmental footprint.

Even better, studies have shown that home buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home that’s been outfitted with rooftop solar panels. Your property values could see a boost of $15,000 or more with the right setup, and smart solar panels only add to the appeal by providing the ability to track energy generation and enable or disable panels remotely as needed.

Smart Cameras

You can’t be home all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye on things. From keeping tabs on your children while they’re with the babysitter to monitoring anyone who stops by while you’re away, smart cameras provide the ability to remotely view anything you wish in and around your home no matter where you roam.

Many cameras also offer cloud storage, motion sensor technology and even advanced features like night vision and one- or two-way communication, making them a tremendous tool for any home security system. After all, when it comes to the value of your home, what could be more valuable than peace of mind?

Smart Sprinklers

Everyone wants a home with a verdant green lawn and beautiful, healthy landscaping. Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy to attain, particularly in areas where water is scarce or tightly controlled. One simple solution is to install smart sprinklers, which can be conveniently set to water your lawn or garden on any schedule you wish.

It’s a great way to maintain your landscaping with minimal effort, and it’ll result in some serious savings as well. Smart sprinklers can save up to 20 to 60 percent on monthly water use. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to boost the curb appeal and value of your home, smart sprinklers are a good place to start.

Smart homes are the future of real estate, and for good reason. Smart technology provides the tools to create homes that are safer, more convenient and more environmentally friendly than ever before, improving homeowners’ lives and boosting property values in the process. By becoming an early adopter, you can reap the benefits while ensuring that your home remains ahead of the market for many years to come.