National Hurricane Center Tracking Few Disturbances In North Atlantic

By  //  August 16, 2017

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NHC: 40% Chance of formation for each disturbance

The paths shown in the image above reveal the projected path for five days. (NHC Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – National Hurricane Center (NHC) is continuing to monitor a few disturbances in the North Atlantic on Wednesday.

Three of the disturbances have a 40-percent chance of formation over the next 5-days.

Disturbance 1, shown to the farther left, is continuing to move to the west at 15-20 mph and is expected to reach the Caribbean Sea on Friday, according to NHC. Upper level winds are expected to become more likely for this system in the next couple of days and has a 40-percent chance of formation.

Disturbance 2, shown in the center, is moving 15-20 mph to the west-northwest and has a 40-percent chance of formation in the next 5-days. However, upper level winds are expected to become less likely in this system over the weekend.

Disturbance 3, shown to the right, is moving west-northwest like disturbance 2, and also has 40-percent chance of formation. According to NHC, this disturbance is producing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Forecasters expect it develop further in the next days due to favorable environmental conditions.

Hurricane Season Is Here; Know How To Protect Yourself This Season

ABOVE VIDEO: Space Coast Daily Special Weather Correspondent Danny Treanor offers his expert tips about surviving the upcoming hurricane season on the Space Coast. Treanor has been Central Florida’s premier weatherman for five decades. Part two below.

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – With the peak of Hurricane Season 2017 now here, Brevard County Emergency Management encourages residents to follow these important steps for preparedness. You should know Your Risks, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Stay Informed.

“Families, individuals, and businesses who know their vulnerability and what actions to take can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster by taking action to prepare,” said Emergency Management Director Kimberly Prosser. “As Hurricane Season starts, it’s time to prepare yourselves, your family and pets, and your home or business.”

Emergency Management recommends:

Kimberly Prosser
Kimberly Prosser

Know Your Risks: Understand how hurricanes can affect where you live and work, and how the weather could impact you and your family. Consider whether you live in a mobile or manufactured home, a low-lying flood-prone area, or on a barrier island. CLCIK HERE to find out if you live in an evacuation zone.

Make a Plan: If you plan to evacuate, decide on a place to go, and include your pet in your plan. Decide whether you’ll stay with relatives, at a hotel, whether you’ll utilize one of the county’s 12 general population shelters or four pet-friendly shelters. If you have certain medical needs, including power-operated medical equipment or have a caregiver, and you plan to use a shelter, you’ll need to register for a special-needs shelter by CLICKING HERE.

Build a Kit: You may need to survive on your own for some time after an emergency. This means having non-perishable food, water and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least 72 hours. Assemble this kit well in advance, and plan ahead for needed medications, and supplies for pets and infants. Include a cell phone charger for your car, and you’ll want to have some cash and a full tank of gas.

Stay Informed: Check weather forecasts regularly, obtain a NOAA Weather Radio, and sign up for email or text alerts from the National Weather Service or local TV stations.

Brevard County Emergency Management is active on social media, providing information and updates about severe weather as well as other incidents which could affect large numbers of people in the county: space launches, large brush fires, major road closures, as well as preparedness tips and prescribed burn notices. Options include following “Brevard County Emergency Management” on Facebook, following @BrevardEOC on Twitter, or subscribing to text messages by texting FOLLOW BREVARDEOC to telephone number 40404.

Residents are also encouraged to register their cell phone numbers with the CodeRed Emergency Notification Service. The free service offered through Brevard County Emergency Management is something all residents should take advantage of, Prosser said.

ABOVE VIDEO: Surviving hurricane season on the Space Coast part 2

“As people transition away from landline telephones to cell phones, we no longer have the ability to contact them via the notification system,” Prosser said. “We’re encouraging people to go to our website,, click on ‘Alert Signup’, and register.”

The CodeRed notification system is able to pinpoint whom to notify based on addresses entered into the system, or by an area that is selected on a map. Those who don’t have computers or internet access can call 866-484-3264 to register their information.

NHC National Hurricane Preparedness Week: Determine Your RiskRelated Story:
NHC National Hurricane Preparedness Week: Determine Your Risk

Prosser said cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses entered into the CodeRed notification system are not considered public records, and are not shared with telemarketers or other entities.

CLICK HERE for weather related information in Brevard County. 


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