WATCH REPLAY: Brevard County Commission Approves Beach Restoration, Wavier of Permitting Fees

By  //  September 19, 2017


WATCH REPLAY: Brevard County Commission Meeting For Sept. 19, 2017 – See the full agenda below.

CLICK HERE To Watch the Meeting – See the Full Agenda Below 




A. Presentation, Re: The Brevard Health Alliance, Inc.
B. Resolution, Re: Honoring Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter
(District 3)
C. Resolution, Re: Honoring Kissimmee Police Sergeant Richard “Sam”
Howard (District 3)
*D. Resolution, Re: Proclaiming October 2017 as Manufacturing Month
in Brevard County (District 4)
*E. Resolution, Re: Recognizing Judge George Maxwell for His Service to
the People of Brevard County; and Honoring Him on the Occasion of His
Retirement (District 4)
*F. Resolution, Re: Proclaiming Support of Zonta Club of Melbourne’s
Ongoing Fight Against Human Trafficking (District 4)
Agenda -2- September 19, 2017
*G. Resolution, Re: Recognizing and Commending Nana’s House (District 5)

Brevard County Grants 90-Day Waiver on Hurricane Irma-Related Building Permit FeesRelated Story:
Brevard County Grants 90-Day Waiver on Hurricane Irma-Related Building Permit Fees

II. CONSENT AGENDA (The entire Consent Agenda will be passed in one
motion to include everything under Section II.)

A. Development and Environmental Services Group
Natural Resources Management Department
1. Cooperative Agreement Between the United States of America
Department of The Army and Memorandum of Agreement Among
the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, Re: Federal Shore Protection Project
North and South Reaches (Districts 2, 3, and 5)
Planning and Development
2. Final Plat and Subdivision Infrastructure Contract, Re: Valencia at
Addison Village, Phase 2 – The Viera Company (District 4)
3. Binding Development Plan, Re: James H. Dixon, Jr. (District 1)
4. Waiver of Parking and On-Site Paving, Re: Nana’s House Thrift
Store – MBV Engineering, Inc. (District 5)
5. Board Confirmation, Re: North Merritt Island Dependent Special
District Board Member (District 2)
Public Works Department
6. Acceptance of Sidewalk Easement (801 & 802) from Constellation
Commons, LLC, Re: Property Located Along Wickham Road,
Melbourne (District 4)
7. Acceptance of Permanent Sanitary Sewer Easement from CLA
RETAIL, LLC, Re: Colonnade Avenue (District 4)
8. Acceptance of Temporary Construction Easement, Re:
Construction Related to the J-02 Lift Station (CVS Store at Fay
Boulevard and U.S. Highway 1) (District 1)
9. Resolution and Release of Performance Bond, Re: Adelaide,
Phase 1 Subdivision – The Viera Company (District 4)
10. Resolution and Release of Performance Bond, Re: Adelaide,
Phase 2 Subdivision – The Viera Company (District 4)
Agenda -3- September 19, 2017
A. Development and Environmental Services Group (continued)
11. Sovereignty Submerged Lands Easement, Re: Oyster Reef Living
Shoreline Installation at Kiwanis Park – Geiger Point (District 3)
Solid Waste Management Department
Utility Services Department
Valkaria Airport
12. Grant Acceptance from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Re: Primary
Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation, Construction Phase Services
B. Community Services Group
Housing and Human Services
1. Amendment of Agreement, Re: Extending the Medical Examiner’s
Office Agreement with Casket Gallery d/b/a B&B Enterprises for
Three Months Until January 10, 2018
Library Services Department
2. Third Amendment to Lease Agreement with City of Cape
Canaveral, Re: Use of Multi-Purpose Public Meeting Room at
Cape Canaveral Public Library
3. Installation of a Mosaic Wall Mural, Re: Eau Gallie Public Library

Parks and Recreation Department
4. Permission to Advertise Request for Proposals (RFP), Re:
Operation of Concession at the Titusville Veterans’ Memorial
Fishing Pier (District 1)
Transit Services Department
University of Florida; Brevard County Extension
Agenda -4- September 19, 2017
C. Public Safety and Support Services Group
Central Services
1. Resolution and Memorandum of Understanding with Veterans of
Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 4228, Re: Post 4228 to Furnish, Install,
and Maintain Improvements at the Veterans Cemetery, Located at
1143 Day Street, Titusville (District 1)
2. Amendment to Lease Agreement from Viera Complex Food
Services, Inc., Re: Snack Bar Lease
3. Amendment to Lease Agreement with Williams Scotsman, Inc.,
Re: Modular Office Trailer, Located at Road & Bridge Shop
(District 4) (Fiscal Impact: $9,720)
4. Permission to Issue Open Purchase Orders (FY 2017/2018), Re:
Approved Vendors of Record (Fiscal Impact: Estimated Annual
Amounts are Based Upon Historical Use)
5. Permission to Issue (FY 2017/2018), Re: Annual Supply Bids,
Proposals, Request for Qualifications (RFQ), and/or Negotiate
Competitive Agreements (Fiscal Impact: Minimizing Administrative
Costs by Reducing and Consolidating)
6. Permission to Waive the Formal Bid Process and Lease Contract
with Affordable Structures, Re: Temporary Office Trailer, Located
at South Central Wastewater Treatment Facility – Bid #B-5-12-80
Natural Resources Management Department
Emergency Management
Fire Rescue
7. Fire Protection and Rescue/Emergency Services Agreements with
Four Communities Volunteer Fire Department (FCVFD), Merritt
Island Volunteer Fire Department (MIVFD), and Mims Volunteer
Fire Department (MVFD), Re: Services Within the Unincorporated
Areas (Fiscal Impact: $53,208/Year)
8. Lease Agreement with City of Cocoa, Re: Occupy and Operate
an Ambulance Out of Its Current Fire Station #2 (Fiscal Impact:
1.00/Year for the Lease Agreement, Plus Utilities and
Maintenance. Estimated Utility and Maintenance Costs Provided
by the City are: General Maintenance – $4,000/Year; Electricity –
$5,500/Year; Water/Sewer – $2,400/Year; and Gas – $400/Year)
Agenda -5- September 19, 2017
C. Public Safety and Support Services Group (continued)
Human Resources
9. Authorization of Recommended Changes, Re: Brevard County
Pay and Classification Plan Update of Affected Consolidated
Series of Administrative Officer and Staff Professional (Fiscal
Impact: FY 17/18 $4,133.74 Annualized)
10. Collective Bargaining Agreement with Laborer’s International
Union, Local 630, Re: Tentatively Ratifying the Agreed Upon
Modifications by Laborers’ International Union of North America
(LIUNA) (Fiscal Impact: FY 17/18 $671,602 ($480,196 Impact to
General Fund))
Information Technology

D. Administrative Services Group
County Attorney
1. Request for Executive Session, Re: Brevard County, Florida v. B
West Townhouses, Ltd, Meadowbrook, LLC, Tradewinds Plaza,
LLC – Case No. 05-2013-CA-025677
County Manager
2. Acceptance and Approval, Re: Timekeeping and Overtime Cycle
Audit Report and Utilities Construction Monitoring Audit Report
3. Confirmation of Appointment, Re: Andrew J. Holmes, P.E., as
Public Works Department Director
4. Appointments/Reappointments, Re: Citizen Advisory Boards
5. Approval, Re: Billfolder



A. Resolution, Re: Petition to Vacate A 12.00 Foot Wide Public Utility
Easement in Barefoot Bay Unit Two, Part Twelve, Barefoot Bay – Mark
Sott (District 3) (Fiscal Impact: $640 Vacating Application Fee Paid by
B. First Public Hearing, Re: Developer’s Agreement with West Melbourne,
RMS Palm Bay, LLC, and Riviera Drive Commercial, LLC (District 3)
C. Ordinance, Re: Creating a New Chapter to the Brevard County Code of
Ordinances, Chapter 3, Code of Ethics
D. Revisions of Merit System Policy II, Pay Plan and Merit System Policy
VIII, Holidays, Re: Providing Consistency in Pay Structure and Allowing
Current Internal Candidates to be Treated the Same as External
Candidates; and Providing Clarity Languages as to Personal Holiday
Leave Accrual for Use by Part-Time and Full-Time Employees
E. Ordinance, Re: Amending Article III, Division II, Section 2-73, Providing
for the Departmental Structure of County Government


A. Consideration of Options, Re: Pursuing Status of Hurricane Matthew
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Appeal
*B. Consideration of Amendment to Grant Agreement with
Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast (EDC), Re:
Requiring Transparency for the Brevard County Citizens Right to Know
How Their Tax Dollars are Being Spent (District 3)


A. Development and Environmental Services Group
*1. Approval of Temporary 90-day Waiver of Building Permit Fees,
Re: Repair of Hurricane Irma Damage
*2. Board Authorization, Re: Restoration of Engineered Dunes in the
Mid Reach and South Beaches Post Hurricane Irma (Districts 3, 4,
and 5) (Fiscal Impact: Approximately $1,051,000 Cost to the
Tourist Development Tax Beach Improvement Fund after Federal
and State Reimbursements)
B. Community Services Group
1. Resolution and Lease Agreement with Space Coast Full Throttle
Speedway, Inc., Re: Usage of Space at Space Coast
Communities Sports Complex (District 1)
C. Public Safety and Support Services Group

D. County Attorney
E. County Manager
1. Approval, Re: 2018 Legislative Program

2. Approval, Re: 2018 Board of County Commissioners Meeting
F. Miscellaneous
1. Creation of Policy, Re: Campaign and Solicitation (District 1)
*2. Letter of Support, Re: Senator Debbie Mayfield’s Proposal to
Provide a Continuous Matching Fund Stream for Counties and
Municipalities for Septic to Sewer Conversation

VII. PUBLIC COMMENTS (Comments may not address subsequent Agenda
Items. Speakers are allowed 3 minutes.)


A. Frank Abbate, County Manager
B. Scott Knox, County Attorney
C. Jim Barfield, District 2 Commissioner
D. John Tobia, District 3 Commissioner
E. Kristine Isnardi, District 5 Commissioner
F. Rita Pritchett, District 1 Commissioner/Vice Chairwoman
G. Curt Smith, District 4 Commissioner/Chairman

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