John Kelly Rips Florida Congresswoman For Politicizing Condolence Calls to Gold Star Families

By  //  October 20, 2017

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(FOX NEWS) – For a stunning and emotional 18 minutes on Thursday, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly cut through a nasty debate over condolence calls to Gold Star families, appealing to the political class to allow at least this one thing to remain “sacred.”

Instead, Democratic lawmakers and operatives and allies in the media immediately turned on Kelly – himself a Gold Star father – branding him a liar and an “enabler” of President Trump, even suggesting his criticism of a black Democrat who publicized one of those calls was racist.

“Kelly isnt just an enabler of Trump. He’s a believer in him. That makes him as odious as the rest. Dont be distracted by the uniform,” Hillary Clinton’s former spokesman and CNN contributor Brian Fallon tweeted.

“I am stunned by John Kelley’s lies about a black woman who he called an ’empty barrel,’” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell tweeted.

During his appearance in the White House briefing room on Thursday, Kelly tried to reset – and resolve – the unseemly weeklong political war over presidential calls to families of dead American soldiers.


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