Seattle-Jacksonville Game Turns Ugly After Poor Sportsmanship, Player Charges Fans In Stands

By  //  December 11, 2017

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ABOVE VIDEO: Seattle player ejected from game charges at fan in stands in Jacksonville.

(YAHOO) – Most days, the Seattle Seahawks are a wonder to behold, a team that can take (almost) any loss and flip it into victory.

Sunday was not one of those days, and the Seahawks showed their ugly side in a hard-fought 30-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. On-field scuffles and off-field shouting matches with fans killed any good vibes from what had been a great game.

With 10 minutes left in the contest, the Seahawks were down 27-10. And then Russell Wilson went to work, drawing the Seahawks to within a touchdown. But Jacksonville, led by Blake Bortles (really) and Leonard Fournette, held on for the closing minutes … and that’s where the troubles began.

The Seahawks, led by defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson and defensive end Michael Bennett, tried to blow up the Jaguars’ victory formation. And since the Jaguars hadn’t gotten much of a chance to enjoy a victory formation prior to this season, the team took offense.


ABOVE VIDEO: Seahawks vs. Jaguars Fight

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