CLAMPS: Lifting Loads in Contemporary Times, Machines Have Been Part of Construction Since Ancient Times

By  //  January 26, 2018

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construction techniques accelerated by modern technology

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We are living in an era that is accelerated by modern technology.

We are living at a much faster pace then we used to live. It is all because of the inventions and latest technology that have filled the gaps and made things comparatively much easier for us. The workforce has been reduced and replaced with themachinewith the help of technology. You see more machines than men now.

The job of multiple men is now done by a machine which is being operated by a single person.

This can be seen in many sectors. From Security to medical health. The stretch is quite long.

Same has been the case in the field and sector of construction. When someone hears the word construction, one of the first thoughts that may pop up in their minds may be men, workforce, lifting, machines, etc. And these thoughts are there because that what is required in construction.

Machines have been a part of construction since the ancient times.

Machines do not only mean the modern machines that we see that are mostly electric, but machines are apparatuses that perform a function and consist of interrelated functions.

In Construction, there is a lot of heavy lifting. Steel sheets are an essential part of any construction that is taking place, so are pipes which may be made up of either steel or concrete and beams. These three things are the essentials of any construction.

How do you lift them and place them where required?

The traditional way would be to lift them with bare hands, but what if you have to move them to a greater height and the weight becomes unbearable for the lifter,or he gets tired? Well, there is an alternative which is probably the best way and what is it?

Yes, you guessed it right. It with the help of machines.

This is where lifting clamps come in. You may need a crane or something else to move the sheet or pipe or beam, but you need to connect it through a channel.

Clamps become the channel here. You can simply just fix the load with the clamp, the next thing you need to do is connect the clamps with the crane’s steel chain or wire, and it can then easily be lifted. With the clamps holding the load tightly there is no fear that the load will fall out, and may injure someone or damage or destroy any property.

These lifting Clamps will not only save your time but will get the work done efficiently. You do not need to deploy many workers for it as you would do if you choose the traditional way.

All you would need to do is to have someone to fix the clamp with the load and connect it to the crane and then when the crane has done its job; you would need someone to remove the load.

You will be completed efficiently without the fear or the load falling.

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