HEALTH WATCH: Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a New Mattress Within Your Budget

By  //  January 19, 2018

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Focus On Comfort, Always Test The Mattress

A new mattress is not an inexpensive purchase, so you need to ensure you are getting the right one for you. Here is a beginners guide to doing so.

A new mattress is not an inexpensive purchase, so you need to ensure you are getting the right one for you. Here is a beginners guide to doing so:

1.  Focus On Comfort

Arguably the most important consideration to make when choosing a new mattress is the level of comfort.  Even if you purchase the most expensive mattress, you will not enjoy your sleeping experience if you are not comfortable.  To find a comfortable mattress, you need to consider several other factors including the firmness of the item, the size, and the type of materials used in the mattress. 

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2.  Do Not Look For a Mattress That Is Best For Others

When searching for a new bed mattress, it is vital that you search for a mattress suitable for your needs and not other people’s needs.  Remember that while experts may hail a certain mattress model to be the best on the market, it may not suit your particular needs and this should be the most significant factor.

3.  Choose the Correct Size For Your Needs

Each individual has certain needs regarding the size of their bed mattress.  For example, if you are a person who feels restricted by a narrow bed then you should opt for a spacious double mattress.  A queen-size mattress may be too large for a single person, but it may be ideal if you enjoy the additional space.  A twin XL mattress or a king-size mattresses are ideal for couples and for placement in master bedrooms because they offer a great deal of space for two people.

4.  Firmness Labels Are Not Always Accurate

Regarding the firmness of a bed mattress, it is important that you do not always believe the label on the item.  If you take a moment to review the different mattress types, you will find that one brand’s extra firm is equivalent to another brand’s medium firm alternative.  Needless to say, you really cannot trust labels.

5.  Always Test The Mattress

While people may be embarrassed to bounce about on mattresses in a mattress store, this is an important part of buying a new mattress.  To find the ideal mattress, it is highly recommended that you test the product beforehand.  The majority of stores will allow you to lie down on the mattress to test it, so don’t worry too much about this.

6.  Consider The Consumer Mattress Reviews

The internet has opened people up to a world of online mattress retailers.  However, despite the popularity and convenience of these stores, it is important that you read the reviews when purchasing items online.  This allows you to narrow down the field of choices to certain products with good feedback.

7.  Firmer Is Not Necessarily Better

It is a well-known fact that firm mattresses will support a person’s spine and other parts of the body; however, excess firmness can be damaging instead of supportive.  Research has found that extreme firmness in a mattress can result in uncomfortable pressure points being pushed and preventing your spine from maintaining its natural curve when sleeping.

8.  Softer Is Not Necessarily Better

While soft beds are considered more comfortable, too much softness can be detrimental to a person’s wellbeing.  Mattresses that are too soft will sag underneath the middle of the spinal area causing poor posture and back pain.

9.  Adjustable Air Mattresses Are Safe, But Costly

Due to the fact that it is impossible to adjust the softness and firmness of a mattress with a remote, it may be safer to consider an air bed.  The air allows one to control the mattress without testing the mattress in a secure manner; however, it can be quite expensive.

10.  Multi-Zoned Mattresses Are Good Options

If you feel that adjustable air beds are too costly, it is possible to opt for mattresses offering different support zones.  Mattresses that provide softness at the hips and shoulders, but firmness at the spine will be a beneficial alternative.

11.  Stick To Your Budget

The prices of a new mattress vary dramatically regarding the type and model of the mattress.  To ensure you opt for the most affordable alternative, it is important that you consider a budget and stick to the budget.

12.  Do Not Rush When Choosing A Mattress

When searching for the ideal mattress, it is highly recommended that you take your time.  The last thing you want to do is purchase an uncomfortable and unsuitable mattress.

13.  Consider All The Alternatives

If you have time to spend searching for the ideal new mattress, it is advised that you research different types of mattresses and find the one that suits you best.  Types will range from innerspring mattresses to memory foam and latex alternatives.