HEALTH WATCH: Benefits To Using Fulvic Acid, Operates as Means of Balancing Cell Life

By  //  January 21, 2018

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Support For Healthy Brain Functioning

Fulvic acid has become one of the more popular health supplements in recent times – here are the reasons people are turning to it

Fulvic acid has become one of the more popular health supplements in recent times – here are the reasons people are turning to it.

1.  Transportation Of Minerals Into The Cells

One of the best transporters of minerals into a body’s cells is fulvic acid.  Research has found that fulvic acid can transport minerals in excess of sixty times its weight to the cells.  Of course, it is important that consume the fulvic acid in addition to other nutrients for the minerals to be delivered to the correct areas in your body.

2.  Support For Healthy Brain Functioning

According to research conducted by the University of Chile’s International Center for Biomedicine, the use of fulvic acid is beneficial in supporting healthy brain functioning.  Evidence has found that fulvic acid presents with various antioxidants; as well as various nutraceutical properties with the potential ability to protect an individual from cognitive impairments.

Further scientific research into the use of fluoride in the brain indicates that fluoride is a neurotoxin – a chemical that can cause severe damage to brain functioning.  When fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland it can affect the healthy development and functioning of the human brain.  Fluoride can be obtained from daily food and water consumption, and this is important to mention in this article because fulvic acid is seen to remove fluoride from the human body.

3.  Improvement In The Health Of One’s Digestive System

As is mentioned above, fulvic acid contains various types of minerals, amino acids, and trace elements.  In addition to supporting the body’s cells, the trace elements are useful in nourishing the human’s digestive tract.  Evidence has found that fulvic acid can increase the repopulation of “good bacteria” in the digestive systems forming a healthy microbiome environment. 

4.  Promoting The Uptake Of Free Radicals

A free radical is a molecule or atom presenting with an unpaired valence electron.  All human beings have free radicals and these elements can damage the health of the body by speeding up the aging process and increasing the risk of disease formation.  Studies find that the use of fulvic acid can resist the effects of the free radicals by containing antioxidants.

5.  Improving Energy Levels With An Analgesic Effect

Similar to other forms of natural electrolytes, fulvic acid is able to activate and energize certain biological processes in the human body.  An electrolyte is able to help cells survive severe conditions caused by uncontrolled infections, poor diet, surgical shocks, emotional distress, and disturbed sleep patterns.  In addition to managing these issues, an electrolyte can also be considered a natural painkiller as it relieves pain caused by arthritis, pain caused by aging, and severe headaches.

6.  Improved Skin Care

Traditionally, fulvic acid was utilized as a natural remedy for skin rashes.  In today’s society, it is still possible to use this item as a type of skin protector from different types of damage including rashes, bug bites, and scrapes.  It is also possible to use fulvic acid for the promotion of healing wounds or sores.

7.  Increased Longevity

Research has discovered that fulvic acid is one of the most powerful electrolytes available in the human body and operates as a means of balancing cell life.  This is a process that increases the level of longevity in the body and operates in a similar manner for animals and plants.


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