HOME IMPROVEMENT: Check Out These Five Quick Fixes For a Fresh Home Look

By  //  February 16, 2018

Clean Or Freshen Up The Three T’s!

From a lick of paint here to some brand new pitch pine doors there, here are our 5 quick fixes for a fresh new look for your home.

When you’ve lived in the same building for months or years on end, things can start to look or feel just a little on the tired side. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the aesthetic and atmosphere of your home, and they certainly don’t need to take a lot of time either.

From a lick of paint here to some brand new pitch pine doors there, here are our five quick fixes for a fresh new look for your home.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Nothing quite freshens up a room like a brand new coat of paint. Whether you want to simply run over your walls with another coating of their original color, or you get a little adventurous and completely change the color, paint can bring life back to a room that you may not have even realized had been lost.

Not only will the paint make your rooms look so much better, but it’s a fun task, too! You get to unleash your inner artist while you paint over scratches, stains, marks and muck (within reason!) and have a fresh, clean, shiny new room to enjoy after all of your hard work.

Replace Old Furniture

If you have tired old furniture, you could find that simply replacing them will do your home a world of good. Broken tables, flimsy doors or torn sofas can only be called ‘charming’ for so long before they simply become a bit of an eyesore. Wave goodbye to these pieces, wipe away the tears, and get out there and shop for some brand new furniture! Of course, this is money-permitting, but if you can afford to splash out from time to time, maybe replace one piece at a time to stagger the costs a little more.

Clean Or Freshen Up The Three T’s!

The three T’s: Toilets, Tabletops, TV. Yes, TV. By thoroughly cleaning your toilets, tables and television, you may find that your home is miraculously revitalized! Of course, this isn’t always the case, so this is when you break out the big guns.

New toilet seats are easy to find and replace yourself, tabletops could be freshened up with varnish if they are wood, or a brand new tablecloth if they’re functioning just fine but might be a little scratched up, and your TV could be in need of a replacement depending on its age. Alternatively, shake things up! Move your TV to a new part of the room, or mount it on a wall if this is possible!

Rearrange the Furniture

Speaking of moving your TV, you’ll be thrilled to know that rearranging any of your furniture can give your home a whole new feel. Whether it’s moving your bed nearer to the window or spacing out your couches, or you completely change the purpose of each room of your house (well, everything but the kitchen and bathrooms!) a rearrangement can make your home feel completely new while keeping the familiarity you probably love so much.

Add Some Greenery

If all else truly fails, buy some plants. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with their care, buy fake plants but whatever you do, buy plants! By introducing a little greenery into your home, you can bring literal life to each and every room in your home without needing to splash out on brand new furniture of a tub or two of paint. Plants can be relatively inexpensive, or you could even try growing some of your own from scratch.