City of Indialantic Special Election Called in March to Improve Storm Water Pipes

By  //  March 1, 2018

town Special Election on March 20

Atlantic Development, Inc. of Cocoa replaces the failing storm sewer pipe under Orlando Boulevard immediately east of S. Riverside Drive. (City of Indialantic image)

BREVARD COUNTY • INDIALANTIC, FLORIDA – Replacing failing City of Indialantic stormwater pipes is the primary objective of a Town Special Election on March 20 asking voters to authorize borrowing up to $3 million with repayment by the imposition of up to one mill of ad valorem revenue for a period of time not to exceed 10 years.

Stormwater pipes were installed in the early sixties and are constructed of corrugated metal. Most of the pipes have rusted and many have failed.

The Town routinely replaces these pipes as they fail—evidenced by a large hole forming in the street pavement or a depressed area under a residential driveway. Prior to resurfacing a street, pipes are replaced as funding is available.

Some pipes fail through rusting on the sides thereby allowing dirt to partially or fully fill the pipe. This restricts the flow of stormwater resulting in the potential for flooding.

The Supervisor of Elections will mail ballots to voters by the end of February. All ballots must be received at the Supervisor’s office no later than 7 p.m. on March 20.

If approved, Council intends to use the funds to replace all of the old metal pipes under street pavement, focus on pipes to the system outfalls which may include some level of water treatment, and replace other stormwater pipes known to be failing.

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Past efforts by the Town to address stormwater have been as follows:

• Working with residents constructed 130 drainage swales
• Replaced approximately 2,000 linear feet of stormwater pipe under pavement
(19 pipes replaced over the past 10 years)
• Replaced approximately 2,100 linear feet of stormwater pipe not under pavement (e.g. along the front of residential properties)
• Replaced 12 pipes under affected portions of Second and Palm avenues over 10 years ago in preparation of the County relocating a sewer force main
• Expended over $75,000 on average annually to replace stormwater pipes—this practice would add $750,000 to the project over the next 10 years
• Constructed a drainage retention area on the south side of the 100 block of Sixth Avenue
• Explored installing a drainage retention area at the northwest corner of Second Avenue and N. Riverside Drive
• Secured State grant funds and installed a drainage retention area south of Lily Park to decrease the flow of surface water to the Indian River Lagoon

There still exist 1,800 linear feet of corrugated metal stormwater pipe under the street pavement that requires replacing and 24,880 linear feet not under the pavement that requires replacing.


Shall the Town issue bonds in the maximum principal amount of $3,000,000 to finance, in part, the cost of rehabilitating and improving the Town’s stormwater management system and certain streets, with interest not to exceed 4.95% per annum payable from real property ad valorem taxes assessed at an annual millage rate not to exceed one mill on all property within the Town for ten years?

YES – FOR BONDS _____________

NO – AGAINST BONDS __________