EYE ON FASHION: How To Make Bruno Mars’ 24k Style Your Own

By  //  March 29, 2018

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Focus on bright, vibrant colors AND Don’t be afraid to take risks

Most people would say Bruno Mars’ deft use of nostalgia in his latest ode to 90s hip-hop and R&B is the reason why his album, 24K Magic, sold over 1 million copies. But perhaps he owes some of his success to his fashion sense.

Most people would say Bruno Mars’ deft use of nostalgia in his latest ode to 90s hip-hop and R&B is the reason why his album, 24K Magic, sold over 1 million copies. But perhaps he owes some of his success to his fashion sense.

The crooner captured the attention of fans around the world for his eclectic new style. Not content to confine himself as one of the world’s top-selling artist of all time, Mars is also a fashion icon with a wardrobe that’s as diverse as his music. Dressed to impress and dripping with swag, he sets the tone to his wildly successful album with his effortless flair.

The man may wake up with no jammies, but by the end of the day he wears Cuban links, designer minks, and Inglewood’s finest shoes. Keep reading to find out how you can make sure your look is as hashtag blessed as Bruno himself — even if you don’t have money in your pocket.

Look for inspiration in the tracklist

If you’ve lost count how many times you’ve listened to 24k Magic, then you don’t need any reminders that track five of the album is a song called, “Versace on the Floor.” Before you get lost in Mars’ smooth AF slow-jam, let this throwback R&B ballad guide you through your shopping.

Versace is an important designer in Mars’ life. One of his favorite pieces is the signature vintage Versace bomber jacket he wears in interviews and on red carpets. A gold meander brackets the zipper, complemented by gold chains and Baroque patterns typical to the Italian luxury designer. He often pairs this jacket with a golden Versace Medusa pendant.

Genuine Versace isn’t in everyone’s budget. Lucky for you, you don’t have to be tight with Donatella to get Mars’ look. You can steal this style by searching through H&M and the Gap for their souvenir bomber jackets. Keep a lookout for silky shirts that ooze luxury and don’t be afraid to add gold chains and rings to your basket.

Focus on bright, vibrant colors

When Mars isn’t dripping in head-to-toe Versace, he’s pretty comfortable embracing loud, bright colors in his everyday wear. Think the deep red, silk pajamas he wears on the album cover or the rainbow silk shirt in the “24K Magic” music video.

With a color palette akin to a Keith Haring street piece, Mars isn’t afraid to wear any color. This gives you a lot of room to work with to find a jewel tone that works with other pieces in your closet. Though you may find it hard to hunt down a pair of silk jammies, you should be able to find a red tee to wear under your new bomber jacket easily.

Think layers and accessories

Part of Mars’ bold look is due to his fearless pairing of luxe textures, layers, international color schemes, and accessories. There’s a lot going on in any of his looks. Gold chains were mentioned above, but they aren’t the only things that can add depth to your look.

When it’s in your hand as often as it is — perhaps thumbing through another Bruno Mars playlist — your phone can help you complete the look when you decorate it with an Android or iPhone skin. Whether you have the latest iPhone X or an old LG, check in with the engineers that make up dbrand.

They have a huge collection of decals tailor-made for a ton of different devices. They also offer premium colors and textures that complement your burgeoning fashion sense. For a bright red skin, luxe marble texture, and more, check out the new dbrand skins. Though they aren’t sponsored by Versace, they do have premium looks you can’t get anywhere else, all of which radiate luxury.

Use shoes and hats to change the tone of your outfit

Mars is a versatile fashionanisto. One day he wears a trendy snapback like the XXIVK Magic cap and the next he’s wearing a fedora tilted at a jaunty angle. Pairing the former with a patterned silk shirt will add a casual layer to an otherwise stylish look. Meanwhile the latter will elevate any outfit and make a statement. Start to learn the vocabulary of hats so you too can use them fluently in your own look.

Now look down from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. The shoes you wear similarly add layers to your look. A casual sneaker, especially when paired with a snapback, creates a trendy look that tells everybody you’re ready to party.

A sophisticated oxford or brogue, added to the same outfit, adds a refined finishing touch to your overall look. Figure out what you want to say with your look and let your clothes speak for you.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

The man’s pictured on the cover of his album in red, silk pajamas. He layers elaborate patterns on even more elaborate patterns. His fashion sense is all about being bold, just like his music, so you need to embrace that side of yourself. Cultivate some self-confidence by taking risks in your style.