Motorcyclist Miraculously Survives Crash With Semi After Sliding Through Tiny Gap Between Truck’s Rear Tires

By  //  March 3, 2018

Video by Hammy Moto's Youtube Channel

ABOVE VIDEO: Motorcyclist Miraculously Survives Crash With Semi After Sliding Through Tiny Gap Between Trucks Rear Tires. (HAMMY MOTO Video)

A motorcyclist survived one of the most freak scenarios anyone could witness on a freeway.

The biker is seen on video at the beginning losing control of the motorcycle in the fast lane along a freeway in California. After failing to regain control of the bike, the man is seen starting to veer right uncontrollably into a traveling semi-truck next to him.

Next, the camera captures the bike hitting the pavement and throwing the biker off the bike between the tires of the semi-truck trailer and ending up on the other side of the semi.

Lastly, the final shot shows the biker skidding along the freeway until he comes to a stop and was lucky to not be hit by an oncoming vehicle in the far right lane of the freeway. Good samaritans were by the motorcyclist’s side shortly after the crash as they called 911 to checkup on the man and alert authorities of the crash.

According to the biker, he only suffered a road rash injury on his knee and hip with no broken bones or concussion.

Here is the biker’s account of the event:

I’m very lucky to be alive. I slid through a tiny gap between the trucks rear tires and the trailer stand. If was going any slower or faster, I wouldn’t of been so fortunate. The only injuries I got was a very small amout of road rash on my knee and hip.. Nothing broken. I’m very blessed.

How did I get the wobbles? NO I DIDN’T WHEELIE. I was merging onto the freeway, checking traffic while I ventured over to the carpool lane. When I got next to the carpool lane, I check if it was clear again, then merged in while quickly accelerating in first gear. When I got up to enough speed to pass traffic (Traffic was doing 75-80 MPH) I changed into second gear (where the clip starts).

First mistake I made was having my weight WAY too far back on the bike while accelerating, that mixed with the extremely bumpy freeway and the acceleration of the bike caused the front wheel to go extremely light. Thus causing the violent speed wobbles.