VIDEO OF THE DAY: Six-Foot Alligator Takes a Stroll Through Florida Strip Mall

By  //  March 13, 2018

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spring is mating season for alligators, scenes like this could become more common

ABOVE VIDEO: Denise Nichols-Gearhardt captured this video of an alligator browsing in front of the Junque in the Trunk consignment shop on Moody Boulevard in Flagler Beach.

FLAGLER BEACH, FLORIDA – An alligator making its way from one retention pond to another decided to use the sidewalk and do a little window shopping through a Flagler Beach strip mall.

Denise Nichols-Gearhardt was working at an upscale consignment and antique store called “Junque in the Trunk” when she spotted the gator.

The company is expanding in the strip mall and Nichols-Gearhardt says she was showing some customers the space they were moving into and looking through the glass when she spotted the alligator’s reflection.

Being a native Floridian, she says she knew not to startle it and to get out of its way, so she told the customers to walk calmly into their vehicle or go back into the store.

“They got into their vehicle and I went into the store!” said Nichols-Gearhardt.

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ABOVE VIDEO: Original Facebbok post from Denise Nichols-Gearhardt