Brevard Sheriff’s Office To Recognize Lt. Bert Gamin For Life-Saving Action During BCSO Awards Friday

By  //  April 12, 2018

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BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE annual Awards Ceremony set Friday at Church of Viera

BCSO Lieutenant Robbie ‘Bert’ Gamin recognized for life-saving action. (BCSO Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – As the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Annual Awards Ceremony quickly approaches, Friday, April 13th, at the Church of Viera, I would like to lead up to the event by sharing with you some of the incredible accomplishments of your Brevard County Sheriff’s Office employees who will be recognized that evening during the event.

Our next employee to be recognized is Lieutenant Bert Gamin of our South Precinct.

While off-duty, Lieutenant Robbie “Bert” Gamin was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling through a very desolate area, as he and the other occupants of the vehicle were heading home from an event.

Suddenly, Bert observed what appeared to be headlights approximately a 1,000 feet off the roadway in a swampy area. Believing that it could possibly be a passenger car that had driven off the roadway, Bert instructed the driver of his vehicle to turn around so he could better investigate the situation.

Upon arrival, Bert determined that it was a passenger vehicle that was partially submerged in the swamp and the occupant of the vehicle was repeatedly sounding the horn. Realizing that there was someone trapped in the vehicle, Bert began running to the vehicle in an attempt to render aid.

Upon arrival at the vehicle, it was apparent that the vehicle had left the roadway, after having been involved in a rollover crash, as there was significant damage and the vehicle was resting on the driver’s side.

Bert immediately located what was later determined to be a 72-year-old female lying between the front seats in obvious distress. Bert quickly broke through the sunroof of the vehicle, identified himself as a Deputy with our agency and quickly assessed the victim of the crash for injuries.

The woman was disoriented, but otherwise had not suffered any serious injuries so Bert was able to assist her out of the vehicle and then carry her back to the roadway as emergency personnel were arriving.

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The subsequent crash investigation determined that the victim would have been unable to escape from the wrecked vehicle on her own and had it not been for the extremely observant and quick actions of Lt. Gamin, would have most likely gone unobserved and perished.

Please join me in thanking everyone involved in this incident, with special recognition of Lieutenant Bert Gamin for his life saving efforts and commitment to protecting our citizens!

Bert will be recognized at our upcoming award ceremony along with many other members of our agency for their heroic and dedicated efforts to protect our community.

Great Job Bert!

– Sheriff Wayne Ivey