How Space Coast of Florida Residents Send Gifts Abroad for Less

By  //  May 24, 2018

The Space Coast privy to some truly unique facts and statistics, as it is home to an endangered plant, the Dicerandra Thinicola, shown above, that does not grow anywhere else in the world.

The Space Coast has become a truly iconic location on America’s east coast, with this Florida region a popular retirement destination for natives and expats alike.

The reasons behind the Space Coast’s popularity are well-known, from its close proximity to the superb Kennedy Space Center to the diverse range of cultures and cuisines that are represented there. The location is also privy to some truly unique facts and statistics, as it is home to an endangered plant (the Dicerandra Thinicola) that does not grow anywhere else in the world.

Despite the appeal of the Space Coast, however, there are practical considerations that expats in particularly must bear in mind when relocation here. More specifically, they’ll need to identify efficient and cost-effective ways of sending letters and gifts back home, but how exactly can they attempt to achieve this aim?

Let’s take a look:

The Key Lies with your Choice of Provider

Make no mistake; the cost of sending international parcels and shipments continues to increase incrementally, in line with global inflation.

These inflated prices are also being compounded by the failure to save in the Western world, with an estimated 6.2 million Brits struggling to put aside the requisite money for their retirement.

With these facts in mind, it’s little wonder that Space Coast expats are concerned about the cost of sending gifts and communicating with loved ones back home, but fortunately, there are steps that individuals can take to assuage these fears.

In truth, the key lies with your choice of logistics firm and courier, as this will ultimately impact on how much you pay to send items abroad and the quality of service that you should expect.

What to Look for in a Courier?

So, what exactly what should you look for in a viable courier? Firstly, your choice of service provider must have a proven, international network, which enables it to seamless ship parcels overseas and guarantees speedy deliveries.

Having established a reliable and cost-effective network of international partners and handlers, service providers such as Whistl are ideally priced to offer international deliveries at competitive prices. Not only this, but they also have access to the processes and resources that underpin safe shipments, meaning that your parcels are sure to be delivered in the optimal condition.

From an expat perspective, this type of service provider also offers outstanding value through its tracking software. After all, its partnership relies on the transfer of pertinent data, making it possible to track deliveries at every stage of the logistics journey. This means that you can send time-sensitive parcels (such as Christmas or birthday presents) with confidence while tracing their precise whereabouts in real-time.

The great thing is we take care of everything so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with numerous delivery companies. We sort all that out for you. Whether it’s a low value, low priority large letter, or a high value, high priority packet, we offer the full breadth of services to suit your needs.