Suspects Face Federal Charges After Caging, Abusing Woman; Forced Her To Eat Dead Mother’s Ashes

By  //  July 29, 2018

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'House of Horrors'

From left to right: Terry Knope, 45, Bridget Lambert, 21, Taylor Knope, 18, Raylaine Knope, 42 and Jody Lambert, 23, face federal charges.

TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LOUISIANA (FOX NEWS) – Five Louisiana residents face federal charges for allegedly caging and abusing an autistic woman, two years after they were arrested on state charges in the case.

A federal grand jury indictment detailed the alleged litany of horrors against the 22-year-old victim, who was identified only by her initials. The indictment was made public on Thursday evening.

The woman was allegedly kept in a cage outside the Tangipahoa Parish home where the five suspects lived. Prosecutors said the victim was coerced into manual labor such as bathroom and kitchen cleaning and subjected to psychological and physical abuses: threats of harm or death if she didn’t obey; beatings; being burned with a cigarette lighter; and having human waste from a septic tank dumped on her. The victim was fed only after she finished her cleaning and work.

One of the suspects is charged with shooting her with a BB gun. At one point, according to charging documents, she vomited after being forced to eat the cremated remains of her late mother as the defendants laughed. She was allegedly forced to live in a cage made of chicken wire and covered with a tarp. A bucket was put in the cage where the woman was told to use as a toilet.

She was allegedly not allowed a phone or a computer and was forced to take painkillers and methamphetamine.


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