VIDEO OF THE DAY: Great White Shark Kills Dolphin, Loses Meal to Bigger Shark

By  //  August 19, 2018

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12-foot great white takes dead dolphin from 10-foot shark

ABOVE VIDEO: Great white shark kills dolphin, loses meal to bigger shark.

(FOX NEWS) – A shocking video shows a great white shark proudly carrying around its latest victim — a dolphin — when suddenly an even bigger great white swoops in to steal the meal straight from its mouth.

In a video shared by Shark Watch South Australia on Wednesday, a 12-foot great white is seen successfully taking a dead dolphin from a 10-foot shark as a group of shocked oyster farmers watch the scene unfold off the coast of Smoky Bay, Australia.

Fins can be seen splashing in the water, as if the pair were both briefly tugging at the creature, before the bigger shark swims away with the prey. Moments later, the 12-foot shark starts to devour the dolphin just feet from several fishing boats.

“The incident involving two great white sharks ended in fatal circumstances for a dolphin which was attacked and then once killed the devoured carcass dragged away in front of their boat,” the group, which aims to educate the public about sharks by sharing real-time alerts on social media, explained in the video caption.

The video garnered more than 135,000 views as of Friday afternoon, with more than 1,000 commenting on the savage fight.


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