Increasing Brand Awareness: Setting Social Media Goals that Get Real Results

By  //  September 18, 2018

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The influence of social media websites has taken the world by storm. From news to product launches, there are all kinds of information available right from the moment your feed pops up.

The influence of social media websites has taken the world by storm. From news to product launches, there are all kinds of information available right from the moment your feed pops up.

Facebook and other social media platforms have an idea of the t-shirts you love to wear, the restaurants you want to dine in, and even the grooming items you use at home. Isn’t that surprising?

To an ordinary consumer, the answer is yes. But, when you look through the lens of a business owner, this fact becomes an invaluable marketing tool. This opens the door to reach out to hundreds of potential customers. If you are wondering how it is possible to make use of social media more effectively, then it’s high time you concentrate on specific social media goals that will provide a higher return on investment.

Increasing brand awareness

One of the top reasons why social media platforms are used by business owners is to create brand awareness amongst potential customers. According to recent reports, the average person spends almost two hours on different social media websites every day. Regardless of the products or services you offer, you can bet that your target audience uses social media to find relevant information.

Whether you’re running an Italian restaurant or promoting a cryptocurrency software such as Bitcoin Loophole, social platforms can prove to be the best avenue through which to gain the attention of potential customers.

Your priority should be to create a positive impression on your target market. As you know, posts can easily go viral in social media, which presents the opportunity of reaching out to more customers than you can imagine.

Creating a loyal customer base

Creating a brand presence in the mind of the customer only marks the first step. Once you have a decent following, the next step is to turn your followers into loyal customers. Your campaigns should be set up in a way that identifies followers or customers who react positively to your brand without any initiation.

Google Analytics is a free yet powerful tool that will help you glean information as to how many customers have revisited your website even when you have no campaigns up and running. Depending on the figures you see, you should decide whether your campaigns should focus on improving the experience of current customers or create new ones that will get more people to know about your business.

Focusing on the specifics

The ability to get down to the nitty-gritty of customer behavior is what separates successful social media marketers from amateurs. Taking the example of crypto trading, there are thousands of traders who use specific websites to trade, while others prefer using mobile trading apps. Since both groups are interested in crypto, you might think that all of them will respond to the same ads or promotional messages in the same way.

Taking this route will lead you nowhere. You’ll be better off focusing on the needs of the particular group you want to which you want to promote your products or services. This is similar to creating buyer personas and catering to the individual requirements of potential customers.

Understanding social media goals is not a Herculean task, but setting them up proves trickier than you’d imagine. Avoid wasting time creating the wrong goals and allot more time and resources into those that bring you closer to your business objectives.


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