KERI COACH WORKS: A Tesla Certified Car Repair Company

By  //  October 17, 2018

Accidents or collisions can easily happen to anybody while traveling through a car or any vehicle, and in most cases, it requires a repair job for the vehicle.

Accidents or collisions can easily happen to anybody while traveling through a car or any vehicle, and in most cases, it requires a repair job for the vehicle.

Every automobile manufacturing company has their own certified repair shops to help you deal with such scenarios. Tesla is one of them and it has become one of the most advanced and technologically powerful car manufacturing companies in the past few years.

There are many reasons behind this, including their exclusive designs, safety measures, and electronics with the latest technological features. This has made it really crucial for everyone to understand that in case of any accident or collision, a Tesla car can be perfectly repaired under warranty only at a Tesla Certified Repair Shop.

So, if you are searching for a certified repair shop in New York, then Keri Coach Works is surely the best choice for you.

About Keri Coach Works

With more than 35 years of experience, Keri Coach Works has been highly trusted by the people all around the Long Island for all their vehicle repairs & other needs.

As a premium Tesla certified body shop and repair center, this firm can take suitable care of your car in New York. The firm comprises a team of enthusiastic engineers and mechanics who have been proficiently trained to service/repair and handle all issues regarding any kind of car.

Along with the Tesla certification, this shop has been certified by many other leading car manufacturing brands. The services basically include:

  1. all kinds of paint jobs
  2. cosmetic works
  3. pickup & drop-off services
  4. mending-bending of dents
  5. written lifetime warranty
  6. repair after major collisions
  7. 24×7 towing service
  8. Proper body realignment and computerized measurement
  9. On-premise car rental for enterprises

Training Specializations

The team at Keri Coach Works has been specially trained to easily tackle and resolve all kinds of problems related to any Tesla car.

Different kinds of specializations are provided in the training, including:

• Removal of all kinds of scratches or any other paint jobs required after a big or small car accident

• Knowledge about servicing and repairing all the body specifications in the cars

• Aluminum casting to the whole structure of the vehicle

• Alignment, physics facts & perfect settings for the vehicle

• Welding of all the joints to ensure better endurance and reliability

• Proper adhesive bonding techniques to ensure better durability

Why Choose Only Certified Shops?

As Tesla has made its mark all around the world as one of the most advanced and futuristic car manufacturing companies, they have also set standards for every certified shop. Due to this reason, all the personnel at Keri Coach Works has attended and cleared training held in Fremont, California.

Each of these individuals has undergone proper training sessions and has cleared all the assessments to gain extensive knowledge about each part of a vehicle. Each engineer, mechanic or employee here follows proper guidelines and procedures taught in the training to offer the highest quality of assistance & services.

If your car has been into a major collision and some of the parts need to be replaced, then here you will get completely genuine parts & equipment along with the right installation process.

Also, you can get the regular maintenance and service of your vehicle from here as here the latest technology, repairing equipment and right resources are used to offer the finest quality of services. Customer satisfaction is the prime motto of this firm and they always live up to it, which is why they have been highly trusted by the public for more than 35 years.

So, if face any kinds of issue with your Tesla cars, such as a breakdown, collision or normal servicing requirement, just call Keri Coach Works.