UPDATE: Northrop Grumman Pegasus Launch From Cape Canaveral Postponed

By  //  October 26, 2018

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Launch is set for 4 a.m. ET.

Instead of lifting straight into space from the ground, the rocket will be flown underneath an airliner to about 39,000 feet and released.

BREVARD COUNTY • CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL ICON launch was set to launch from Cape Canaveral on Friday until NASA made the decision to postpone the flight “to conduct further pre-launch testing on the rocket.”

A new launch date has not been set.

The Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) will launch aboard a Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL rocket. ICON will explore a zone in our atmosphere where Earth weather and space weather meet. Radio communications and GPS signals travel in this zone, so variations in the area’s gasses can impact our reliance on technology.

ICON will help NASA understand what causes the variations.

ICON, aboard the Pegasus XL rocket, will launch from an in-flight Northrop Grumman L-1011 “Stargazer” aircraft. The aircraft will carry the rocket over the Atlantic Ocean, where it will launch into orbit.

Due to the launch window scheduled significantly outside visitor complex operating hours, no launch viewing opportunities are available for Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL ICON.


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