Why Litigation Support Services Are Law Firms’ Best Allies

By  //  October 19, 2018

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How do litigation support services companies like FirstLegal.com help law firms? What exactly do they do, and why should you consider using one? Is it really worth the money to have an outside company handle much of your litigations workload?

Let’s discuss litigation support services so you have enough information to decide if hiring litigation support services can help improve your business.

What do litigation support services do?

Litigation support services can do a wide variety of things meant to help ease the litigation process. Some services offered include:

  • Providing documentation and information about all areas of the law
  • Streamline the process of gathering information
  • Help with research
  • Organize information gathered for a case
  • Create and implement databases for managing, sorting, indexing, abstracting, and coordinating massive amounts of data in preparation for trial
  • Help with technology in the courtroom
  • Assist with trials
  • Coordinate with technology vendors
  • Train people how to use software
  • Assist with scheduling a deposition

Why should you consider litigation support services?

Litigation support services save you time so you can focus on how to win a court case instead of spending that time dealing with paperwork. You get more time with your current clients and have more time for new clients. You can more than make back the fees paid to a litigation support services company by having more time to see (and bill) clients.

Litigation support services also focus on the details so you can focus on the big picture. They keep all those details organized and easily accessible so you are prepared when the trial comes around.

Litigation support services employ trained professionals

Legal support services professionals typically have at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have advanced degrees. A combination of paralegal and information technology knowledge make them powerful allies in your court cases. These people are experts at doing everything they can to help you prepare each case.

One company can often handle multiple processes

Why hire one company to handle depositions, another to collect and store information, and another to do investigations when you can hire one company to do it all? Litigation support services companies often have multiple divisions to assist with every aspect of preparing for a trial.

As an example, a litigation support services company may help you:

  • Do investigation and research before filing
  • Help you with filing and court research
  • Serve subpoenas
  • Assist with document management, data collection, and court reporting
  • Handle settlement negotiations and presentation development
  • Prepare media for a trial including anything from copies to 3D graphics
  • File appeals, evaluate assets, handle judgment collections

You can focus on winning cases

When you don’t have to spend as much time with the little details like paperwork and research, you can dedicate more time and manpower to things that will help you win the case. You can sleep better at night knowing you won’t miss any important details since they are being handled by litigation support services.

It’s cost-effective

Since litigation support services already have processes and programs in place to handle everything, they can handle things more efficiently than you can in-office. By paying another company to handle your litigation support services, you can save the cost of hiring employees to manage these things for you with less-efficient systems in place. Since litigation support is all they do, they’re professionals at what they do, ensuring you get the most for your money.

Litigation support services save you time

Since litigation support services have an entire team of people to help you, they can accomplish tasks faster than one or two people doing everything in order. When you can have multiple tasks accomplished at once, you can rest assured that everything will be ready in time for the trial.

As you can see, litigation support services can help keep you on top of the game by handling crucial details while you can focus on the case as a whole. They’re a cost-effective and reliable solution that can help with nearly every part of the litigation process. Having litigation support services in your corner can only strengthen your team and your company.