Three Holiday Gifts For Active Kids With the Holidays Are Right Around the Corner

By  //  November 19, 2018

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The holidays are right around the corner, the perfect time for you to get a suitably active gift for your active kid.

You might affectionately refer to them as “high energy,” “full of beans” or “zippy” – that child who just seems to have endless stores of energy. It’s a becoming trait in a kid since it often means they have a tireless curiosity to accompany it, but it can be exhausting for a parent.

Luckily, the holidays are right around the corner, the perfect time for you to get a suitably active gift for your active kid.

The gifts on this list vary in their age appropriateness, but each of them is suitable for an energetic kid. If your kid seems to run on Energizer batteries, try one of these three great gifts. 

A Trampoline

As much fun as it is tiring, the trampoline is the perfect way for your active child to expend some excess energy. They get an active workout as well as an exciting experience, and what’s even better is that a trampoline doesn’t need to be restricted to the kids – you can use it as well, for exercise, or simply to feel like a kid again.

When shopping for trampolines, choose a trampoline size appropriate for your backyard, as well as for those who will be using it. Also, make sure you find a safe trampoline, one devoid of hazardous springs, and with a strong surrounding net. The safest trampoline on the market is the Springfree Trampoline, so start your search there. It’s a great gift for kids of all ages – just make sure there is adult supervision available!

Dodge Tag

Tag meets dodgeball – now if that’s not a match made in heaven for active kids, what is? The dodge tag kit from Diggin comes with two air mesh vests and six soft dodgeballs, the idea being that players throw the balls at each other, hoping to stick the balls on each other’s vest.

The components are soft and safe, making this a nice, non-violent game that nevertheless lets kids exercise their competitive side. For kids over 5-years-old, this is a wonderful holiday gift.

Smart Cycle

For kids age 3 to 6 with energy to burn and a curiosity for learning, check out Fisher-Price’s Smart Cycle. Granted, it’s not for every kid, but the mixture of stationary bike and tablet learning station can be very beneficial for certain active kids.

Mounted on the controllable handlebars is a tablet that plays educational games, so your kids can be active and learn at the same time. Plus, since it is stationary, it removes all the danger from biking, which can be helpful for kids still working out their gross motor skills.

This holiday season, get your active kid a gift that will keep them occupied, satisfied and healthy.

Bounce the hours away on a safe Springfree Trampoline, make the backyard your very own dodgeball court with the Diggin Doge Tag kit, or spin and learn with the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle. They get a fun experience, and you get a little bit of relaxation time – it’s a gift for everyone!