Acting Palm Bay City Manager Lisa Morrell Elevated to Permanent City Manager

By  //  December 8, 2018

was previously Communications and IT Director

City of Palm Bay Communications and IT Director Lisa Morrell was appointed as interim city manager by the city council. City of Palm Bay image)

BREVARD COUNTY • PALM BAY, FLORIDA – Acting Palm Bay City Manager Lisa Morrell was elevated to permanent city manager when the City Council voted 4-1 during a regular meeting on Thursday.

Morrell was appointed interim city manager last month when the Council Council fired former City Manager Gregg Lynk, who was hired in April 2015.

Morrell, who has been with the City of Palm Bay for 18 years, was previously the Communications and IT Director.

The city’s population is approximately 110,000, making it the most populous municipality in Brevard County.

The mayor and city council are the legislative branches of city government and are the community’s decision makers. The Mayor is the presiding officer at the Council meetings and is the official head of the city for all ceremonial occasions.

Power is centralized in the elected mayor and council, which approves the budget, determines the tax rate, focuses on the community’s goals, major projects, and such long-term considerations as community growth, land use development, capital improvement plans, capital financing, and strategic planning.

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The five-member mayor and council operate in accordance with the City Charter. Three positions created by the charter are appointed by and report directly to the city council, including the city manager, city attorney and city clerk.

The city manager is responsible for all activities related to the operations of the city including the hiring of a professional staff to assist in the administration and enforcement of the city charter, ordinances, resolutions, financial conditions and all of the various procedures and policies that are required for the city to function properly.