Have the Perfect Day for Your Wedding and Add Some Spice with These 9 Tips

By  //  December 6, 2018

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Getting wedding inspirations for your big day is becoming easier and easier by the minute. The superfluous ideas of how to perfect your day, whether by booking your favorite band or creating an over-the-top buffet, should really come in handy.

Getting wedding inspirations for your big day is becoming easier and easier by the minute. The superfluous ideas of how to perfect your day, whether by booking your favorite band or creating an over-the-top buffet, should really come in handy.

However, sometimes reading too many tips might get your thoughts a little scattered here and there. It’s important to stay focused and really concentrate only on what you and your partner want.

Because after all, it’s your wedding and everything in it should be screaming your names. The wedding, tainted with your personal touches, can still be trendy, though.

We’ve rounded up these 9 tips that add some spice to your wedding and make you have the perfect day:

1) Plan a Surprise Entertainment

Live entertainment can always change your guest’s mood completely. Can you imagine how it will make them feel if it were a surprise? Whether it’s a live band, belly dancer, or a fireworks show, your guests will absolutely be enthralled by any sort of entertainment.

Moreover, its effect will without a doubt, double if they didn’t know about it beforehand. Just make sure that the source of entertainment you get is not just trendy, but rather something that you and your guests love. Because after all, what’s the point of having a live band if no one knows how to sing along, right?

2) Throw In a Candy Bar

Who said that candy is for children? Candy Bars at weddings are all the rage! And don’t just throw in some cupcakes and chocolate and think you can get away with that. Your guests will really appreciate it if you put some extra effort into your candy bar.

You can print your photos on cookies (while it can still be edible!). You can make themed cupcakes of your favorite cartoon characters. Let the children (and everyone else) roast s’mores on a stick. All the while you can add macaroon and meringue towers, all your favorite candies and chocolate, and of course, the holy grail of everything sweet; a chocolate fountain.

3) Create a Theme

That leads us to the next tip. As we mentioned in the previous point that you can create themed cupcakes, well, you can create a themed wedding as well! Your theme can range from a delicate royal wedding to a medieval-themed wedding and everything in between.

It all depends on what you and your partner want. For instance, if both of you are fans of Game of Thrones, then what better way to get married other than in the realms of Westros. And hopefully, it won’t be just another Red Wedding.

4)  Capture Memories With a Photo Booth

Want to break the ice and let your guests really enjoy their time? Give them a Polaroid and a cool backdrop. Now, not only will they have fun, but you’ll have the proof for it! Having pictures is the best way to capture all the best moments.

While any photographer can do that, your guests will not find the opportunity every day to dress up and let themselves go wild in front of the camera. To you, this will be the perfect material for your wedding album. For your guests, it’s more than that; it is you think outside the box to keep them entertained. They will definitely appreciate it.

5) First Dance Turnaround

Your first dance is when you’re the center of attention and everyone is formulating their first impressions of you as a bride. Don’t worry; you will be the center of attention the whole time. It is just the time when all eyes are on you and only you. How comforting, right?

But you can turn that energy quickly in your favor. Whether you choose a traditional first dance song such Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss Everything or you want something more upbeat such as Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, you can switch the song midway to something entirely groovy such as Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Everyone will immediately be rushing to the dance floor!

6) Food Stations

Basically, most of your guests are coming to eat. A festive wedding calls for festive food. Instead of the typical buffet or set menu, serve something creative and enticing. Offer canapés and pass around food. In addition, your guests will never get enough of food stations; it’s just a matter of what stations that might attract them.

For starters, you can have a potato bar, whether baked, mashed, or fired, and mix them with dips and sauces. Other stations your guests will most definitely indulge in are; sushi station, ice cream station, and of course, a pasta station

7) Wedding Cake for the Masses

Have you ever tasted a wedding cake? Wedding cakes are these legendary myths that we only get to catch glimpses of, yet never taste. It’s time for you to change that! Make your wedding cake memorable, by its theme and taste. And guess what? Your wedding cake doesn’t actually have to be cake at all! Do you love Cinnabons? Well, make a Cinnabon cake! And give each and every guest a roll. Who wouldn’t call that wedding perfect?

8) DIY Invitations and Decorations

Gone are the days when DIY meant poor quality. DIY decorations are actually becoming trendier and trendier, as it always shows a part of you and your personality. You want your wedding vibes to be adorned with your own personal touches, don’t you? A DIY invitation is you taking an extra mile for your guests and offering them a piece of you. Don’t just do an invitation that will be thrown away after your wedding, but do an invitation that will actually be fascinating to have.

9) Change into Something Comfortable

A perfect day entails your utmost comfort. Forget about those 6-inch heels and the super tight dresses. After the first dance, you can change into your sneakers so you can move around more freely. Chances are you won’t have a good time if you can’t take a single step without feeling you’re about to trip.

Your Day, Your Rules

If you jazz up your wedding with these 9 tips and tricks, your wedding day will be an unforgettable and worthy experience for you, your partner, and your guests. But remember, most importantly, that you do what you – and only you- want.

Communicating what you and your partner want to your wedding planner is key. Your wedding planner should become your best friend. And when you’re comfortable with everything, only then that you will feel everything is perfect.


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