Skylum Software Has Implemented a Revolutionary Approach to Photo Editing

By  //  December 24, 2018

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Skylum software has a unique vision of how to approach the development of new photo editing software. Here are some of the creative features at the core of this vision.

Skylum software has a unique vision of how to approach the development of new photo editing software. Here are some of the creative features at the core of this vision.

When we think about an image enhancer, what qualities do we consider most revolutionary? What is it that makes us enjoy the software and want to use it more? Here are some features that Skylum Software implements to revolutionize the photo editing process and bring its products to a whole new level.


Skylum cares about the needs and desires of its users. Usability is one of the main features that distinguishes Luminar and Aurora HDR. For example, in Luminar, there is no cluttered panel with all the tools, or combinations of keys to remember to make something work or apply an effect.

The filters are grouped logically, there is a handy small tool panel for all your photo-transforming needs, and you can quickly access the effects you need by creating custom presets or workspaces for your photos.

AI features

Something that distinguishes Skylum Software is the understanding that AI is one of the main pillar stones of the future. The technologies that we use day to day can improve the quality of our lives with the help of AI.

The company is investing into a world where photography and AI technology can unite to create single sliders that substitute minutes if not hours of work. Such sliders as Accent AI or AI Sky Enhancer are there to make your photos stand out automatically, effortlessly and quickly.

Quick edits

Luminar has grouped filters according to categories, which is swift and easy. The ability to quickly edit a photo with predetermined settings in your workspace is amazing, like having your toolbox when you need to start a repairing job or your makeup kit before going onstage.


There are more than 46 filters in Luminar that you can use, serving all kinds of purposes. Adding some soft sun rays that shine through the trees, making the sky into a beautiful blue color, enhancing the vivid green foliage of the forest.


There are a few tools in Luminar, but they can help you do anything. There are such tools as the free transform, crop, erase, clone and stamp that are handy for your photo transformations needs. Add your logo, crop your photo so it suits your Facebook profile, clone a feature that you like, erase unwanted details.

Layers and Masking

While the idea of using masking and layers to merge different photos is not new, it is brought to the epitome of simplicity with Luminar’s interface and ability to do work with quick and easy steps. Never before it has been so simple to replace a sky in a picture or apply a texture only to a part of the photo.


There is nothing better than presets, they are like gifts for photographers! You can even skip the step of experimenting and looking around for the tools that will create your custom presets. Luminar has all of them ready for you to use.

There are also categories for outdoor, landscape, portrait and other kinds of photography. You can even download Signature Presets from the marketplace and see what kind of presets do famous photographers use in their workflow.

All levels

If you are wondering what is the best photo editing software for beginners, then good news! Luminar’s suitable for users with all kinds of photo editing experience.

From beginners to advanced photographers, everyone can use Luminar and find features that work for them and satisfy their editing needs. Not only that, Luminar is suitable for landscape, portrait, commercial and any type of photography that is your primary field.

Constant advancement

Skylum is revolutionary primarily because it doesn’t stop on what it has achieved and is looking for new ways to improve and provide the most up-to-date product possible.

From the first handy apps of the Creative Kit, to the first Luminar, to the development of the Windows version, to the coming-soon long-awaited digital asset management – Skylum takes innovation and advancement seriously.

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