How to Get Through the Holiday Seasons Keeping Your Healthy Smile

By  //  January 1, 2019

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A long string of parties is all fun and games, until the cocktails and the sweets leave their marks on your teeth. (Image by pixabay)

It’s that time of the year again! The time when we pull out the best clothes and get ready to party a lot, celebrating Christmas and the New Year. December is definitely the month of parties and we all deserve them after a long year of work.

A long string of parties is all fun and games, until the cocktails and the sweets leave their marks on your teeth.

Wine and alcoholic beverages can stain your teeth and dry your mouth, while the sweets are promoting tooth decay. The perspective of ending a party at the dentist is not appealing, but you can’t skip alcohol and sweets either, so here are some tricks to help you keep your smile just as beautiful and healthy during the holiday season.

Find the perfect toothbrush

The most effective way to keep your teeth healthy and white is to brush them properly, twice a day. Dental hygiene specialists recommend brushing your teeth with a medium or soft bristle brush for two minutes. This ritual is going to remove debris and prevent plaque, keeping your smile in top shape.

The type of toothpaste you use is also important, so look for a fluoride-rich paste. Fluoride is a mineral which protects your teeth enamel, keeping your smile healthy.

Stock on petroleum jelly

Wine, coffee and hot chocolate can stain your teeth and we all know we have plenty of those during the holidays. To avoid unpleasant discoloration add a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your teeth.

It will prevent food debris from adhering to your teeth, protecting them from stains and decay. For women, this trick is even more valuable, as it prevents your lipstick from staining your teeth.

Use color-correcting toothpaste

Instead of bleaching your teeth you can opt for a safer, easier way to have a bright smile: purple toothpaste. Also named color-correcting toothpaste, it makes your teeth whiter by depositing tiny particles of color on the surface of your teeth, counteracting the yellow shade. After brushing with this toothpaste your smile will instantly look whiter, but the result is not permanent.

Enjoy specific drinks

Red wine stains your teeth and white wine promotes tooth decay, so they are not great options. Vodka is a much better alternative, as it can kill bacteria and promotes a fresh breath, without leaving any marks on your teeth. Dentists do advice on responsible consumption, so don’t binge on it.

Because all types of alcohol lead to dryness in your mouth, you should counteract this effect by drinking a glass of water between two glasses of alcohol.

Avoid candy cane

Candy cane is one of the biggest pleasures of the holiday season, but they are a huge danger for your teeth. They take longer to melt in your mouth and are rich in sugar, which promotes tooth decay. If you can’t help yourself from tasting these candies, you need to brush and floss as quick as possible after eating it.

The holidays give you lots of reasons to smile, so make sure your teeth are in top shape by maintaining them strong and healthy.

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